Monday, September 29, 2014

Some more Four Seasons Autumn Market

Hi Readers,
By the time you are reading this I am away for a while. But you can still visit the Four seasons Autumn Market till October 5th, which gives you 5 days to grab the great offers you can find there.
Let me start with the great offers NiNight Creations has at the Four Seasons Autumn Market. At their store there you can find some awesome sweaters and sweater dresses. Let me show you:
These first dresses are called Mesh autumn leaves dresses and they are 75 L$ each. There are 3 colours to chose from and you can perfectly wear them as a sweater too.
The cute stockings are a gift by Sophielle An on the Four Seasons Autumn Market.
And the beautiful skin is by WoW skins. She is called Rita and she has that lovely shy blush, which is to die for! (NOT free).
These next elegant sweaters are called Soft Tunic with belt and they come in 2 colours. Each one is 75 L$. And you can find them at the store of NiNight Creations at the Four Seasons Autumn Market.
And if you like a more country look, these Ladies Hooded Loose Sweaters are just the right ones for you. They are also by NiNight Creations and you can find them at the Four Seasons Autumn Market for just 75 L$ per colour. There are 3 colours available.
NiNight Creations also has an awesome gift at their Four Seasons Autumn Market store. You get this lovely shaded Autumn sweater as a gift but you also get this elegant leather trenchcoat too!!
Now you could decide to wear the lovely nails La Boheme has as a gift at the Four Seasons Autumn Market. They are perfect for Autumn and they are free.
The lovely jewellery LEO has on offer at the Four Seasons Autumn Market will go great with the V-neck sweaters ladies. You have a choice of 3 golden necklaces (each 30 L$) or a set with 2 chokers, 2 types of hair pins and 3 types of snake bracelets, also for 30 L$.