Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Somehow things seem to disappear here?

Hi there Readers!
Today on my blog you will see new offers you can find at the Designer Circle. They started their 87th round and this round runs till September 13th. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$, you can find really great offers there to fill your inventory.
And later on some more finds from Marketplace. But let me start with the Tuesday group gift by Wetherby's. This lovely Julietta gown is the newest group gift (joining is free). And the lovely pearls and bangles are from Marketplace. They are by JetCity and they are free.
The shoes are Olwen shoes by BabyMonkey and they are on offer for just 200 L$ (including a hud that changes the colour of the shoes into 32 colours). The shoes are for SLINK HIGH feet.
The lovely hair I am wearing is Cecelia by Tameless hair (249 L$ which inclused a HUD that changes the hair into 30 different tones).
The lovely skin I am wearing on the Wetherby pictures is KimY dark tan by WoW skins (blogged below). This skin is available at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ per skin tone.
And now the Designer Circle. B!asta has some great Miss Francine shorts on offer at the Designer Circle. They come in 3 shades of jeans. To wear with these shorts you can get matching Miss Francine tops (which also come in 3 colours).
One top plus one short are 75 L$ per set.
The lovely skin I am wearing is Becky dark tan, cleavage option, make up #1. This skin is available at District 5 and you can read all about Becky HERE.
Then I found this awesome dress by B-Dazzled at the Designer Circle. It is called Summer in Venice and it is yours for 100 L$. A lot of money? Not if you consider that you get a HUD with this dress, which changes the colour of the skirt and of the top. And on top of that you can wear the tops with a brown or a black belt! There are so many options to wear this dress, you won't believe it. I had fun playing around with it...look below!
The cute Pin Up shoes are by Loordes of London and they are available at the Designer Circle in 5 lovely colours. Each pair is just 70 L$. The shoes are for SLINK HIGH feet.
Over to the skin offers at the Designer Circle. WOW skins has the lovely KimY skin on offer for just 99 L$. This skin come sin 3 skin tones and you can also get all appliers for this skin at the Designer Circle. There are freckle layers included with this skin, but I am wearing freckle layers from Glamorize (5 L$ on Marketplace) as they resemble my rl freckles.
And 7 Deadly S[k]ins has a lighter skin on offer at the Designer Circle. This lovely Elfy skin is just 99 L$ and the SLINK appliers, WowMeh and Tango appliers are included. The freckles are by Glamorize (5 L$ on Marketplace).
The next dress is by GHTerm and it is free on Marketplace. This dress is a fun bubble dress and I hope the bubbles won't disappear when I am wearing this fun dress.
I found another fun dress on Marketplace and this one is by ALB. This fun Honeymoon dress is 10 L$ and it is mesh.
The lovely Diamond Heart jewellery set is by La Petite Perle and it is 1 L$.
I love green with my red hair. This sweet dress is by Tiffany and it is called Green Perle dress (free).
The lovely green bangles by La Petite Perle go great with this dress and they are also free.
While writing this blog I noticed that the Tiffany dress has disappeared from Marketplace entirely. So here are some alternative green dresses you can find for free. This one is by Formis Designe. And this one is by Earth & sky Designs. And this one is by Gifts Home and it is 1 L$.
My last find is perfect for end of summer. This cute outfit is by Sweets! and Dork Toast. This set is called Spring laundry and it is your for 1 L$. The poses I am using are free on Marketplace and they are called Desire free Model poses. And the cute dog in the basket is by CJ Creations. It also seemed to have disappeared from Marketplace, so here is another replacement. This basket is with a squirrel. If you like a dog better, maybe go for the cute bag with dog by Tuty's, which is free on Marketplace.