Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cupcakes for Raja...

Hi Readers!
Today on my blog you can meet Raja, a lovely new skin by WoW skins. This beautiful Raja skin is only available at the Suicide Dollz Event. Raja comes in 4 skin tones and a shape is also included.
This skin is to die for ladies. And so is the shape! I am showing you all 4 skin tones below. I love the way the mouth and eyebrowes are shaped. Well I actually love all about this skin!
And Wetherby's has another great free group gift (joining the group is free too). This lovely gown is called Santa Sofia and the black & white one is the free gift fro group members.
You can also buy a fatpack of this gown with a HUD that changes the gown into many beautiful colours!
The lovely shoes are by Essenz and they are called Berlin.
The lovely bangles are by La Petite Perle and you can find them for free on Marketplace.
So what's with the cupcakes for Raja? Well the Fabfree Cupcake hunt ends on September 16th, so you have one day left to go pick up those free cupcakes at Fabfree Headquaters. They are not really hidden, and inside each cupcake you can find an awesome gift.
This hunt is to celebrate the 7th birthday of Fabfree.
So below I will show you what I found there.
This first dress is by Lyrical Bizarre. Go find their cupcake and it is yours!
To wear with this lovely dress you can decide to find the cupcake by Braham and get this lovely jewellery as a gift! You can find all cupcakes at Fabfree Headquaters.
And this jewellery would also go great with the gown that is the hunt gift by Petit Chat.
If you like a more sexy dress, find the cupcake by Sentou Youssei and you can wear this sexy dress. Again: the cupcakes can be found at Fabfree Headquaters.
Or you can get this So Fabulous dress if you can locate the cupcake by MASH.
I really love these sexy baby doll outfits. They are by Somnia and the set comes with a HUD that changes the panties, the top and the bow. Just find their cupcake at Fabfree Headquaters.
I also found a few skins and shapes in this hunt. This one is hidden inside the cupcake by Shine and the skin is called Amber Red. The parted lips option is included in 2 versions.
And this skin & shape are hidden inside the cupcake by PixieStix. If you want to own it, hop over to Fabfree Headquaters and go find the cupcake by PixieStix.