Saturday, September 6, 2014

Would you like to meet Melissa?

Morning Readers!
On this great Saturday you can meet Melissa on my blog. But you can also meet Jemma. And you can see the Saturday freebie by Wetherby's. But that's not all...I still have to show you some awesome offers from the Designer Circle too!

So let me quickly start with the lovely Melissa. This beautyful new release by WoW skins is available at 24 Squared. The landmark I am giving you here will land you at a landing point. Now how to get to the WoW store? Just copy the landmark from my blog and paste it in nearby chat. Right click the landmark on your screen and chose "show on map". A little red Arrow will appear on your screen so you can walk or fly to the WoW store on 24 Squared, following that red arrow, and you are ready to meet Melissa!
Melissa is a lovely skin, very delicate and very elegant. Melissa comes in 4 skin tones, ranging from very light (milk) to dark tan. Each skin comes with a shape and several make up layers, like lipstick and eye shadow. You can mix and match them to your liking. I am showing you just a few options below.
Melissa is not free.
And you can meet Jemma too. Jemma is the September group gift by WoW skins. Joining the WoW group is 350 L$ which seems a lot of money. However you get a new skin each month, you are allowed to click all 18 Lucky boards and both Midnight Mania boards to get even more skins. And ALL previous group gift skins are also still available in a big box next to the group gifts!
Over to Wetherby's. Their Saturday group gift is this lovely Fernanda gown in black & white. Joining the group is free. This gown is perfect for an eveing dancing!
I styled this gown with jewellery from Marketplace. The bangles are by La Petite perle and they are free. The lovely heart shaped necklace and earrings set is also by La Petite Perle and this set is 1 L$.
Then I went to the Designer Circle. Their current round runs till September 13th so you have a few days left to go get those great offers you can find there!
Nya's Shop has some great shorts and tops at the Designer Circle. The tops are 65 L$ each and they come in 5 bright textures. The shorts are 75 L$ each and they come in 5 matching colours.
To go with these cute summery outfits you can decide to go grab the sexy Pin Up shoes by Loordes of London. They are on offer at the Designer Circle in 5 colours and they are 70 L$ each. You do need to own SLINK HIGH feet though to wear these shoes.
There are more great shoes to find at the Designer Circle. BabyDoll offers these cute Princess heels in 4 textures for just 100 L$ each! For these shoes you also need SLINK HIGH feet.