Monday, September 15, 2014

I really don't like Mondays

Morning Readers!
On this lovely Sunny Monday I have the Wetherby Monday gift for you...and for the rest it is cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes.
So get your morning coffee or tea, sit down and styart reading!
This is the Monday gift by Wetherby's and it is the lovely Valrie cocktail dress. I am wearing the newest group gift by Lazuri with this dress, called Dione. This set is colour change. Joining the Wetherby's group is free, joining the Lazuri group is 250 L$ but there are several of the previous group gifts still available.
Wetherby's on the other hand has a free gift for you every single day!
Then I did some more hunting in the Fabfree Cupcake Hunt. Fabfree is celebrating thier 7th birthday and there are about 50 cupcakes to find scattered around Fabfree headquaters. They are not really hidden, you have to look high and low, but they are pretty easy to find!
And inside each cupcake is a FREE gift. Lots of great Second Life Designers have generously put out a gift for all Fabfree visitors!
The hunt ends on September 16th so go get those awesome outfits, hair, jewellery and other gifts!
Look below what I found! This first gift is by KMad and you get a lovely soft yellow gown including the jewellery if you can find their cupcake!
And if you stumble upon the cupcake by Les Sucreries de Fairy this fun dress including the ears is your gift.
Now if you like to wear a birthday party dress, go find the cupcake by Ashmoot. This little party dress including the hat and garlands is their gift in this hunt.
This fun 50th dress is hidden inside the cupcake by LA Design. The cute shoes are by Essenz and they are called Berlin shoes. (NOT free).
And I did fall for this sporty romper by Kaithleen's. Just find their cupcake and it is yours!
This very cute hair would go perfect with the purple romper above, but to wear it you have to find the cupcake by EnVogue.
I also found some jewellery in this hunt, and this set comes with a HUD to change the gems into a lot of colours. It is hidden inside the cupcake by LNS Design.
And another jewellery set is the gift by Chop Zuey.
Now if you like a new skin or shape, go find the cupcake by Lumae. You get 2 different skintones and a shape if you find their cupcake!
Another store that has hidden a skin and shape inside their cupcake is Asteria Creations. Find their cupcake and this Miya skin is yours! The lashes are included.
And my last find is this lovely ethnic skin by Diamond Style. Just grab their cupcake and it is yours!!