Sunday, September 21, 2014

Who doesn't love bling?

Hi there Readers!
Today on my bog a lot of bling. Some is free, some is not free, but all the bling I found is just gorgeous.
And I put ore offers from the Designer Circle on todays blog too. Their current round runs till September 27th, so keep that date in mind while shopping!!
But let me start with the Jewellery Fair 2014. 22769 has some awesome necklaces on offer there. They are NOT free, but they are just all amazingly beautiful. Each necklace is 135 L$, can you believe that?
The beautiful skin I am wearing is the shy Rita with a lovely blush. This skin is by WoW skins and you can find her in 3 skin tones at the Designer Circle, Each tone is just 99 L$ and all appliers you might need are also available.
The top hair is Rita by Tameless (Not free, 2459 L$ for a fat pack of 30 colours, including an easy to use HUD, and you can chose natural, fades, fantasy. Each hair tone comes in regular and with roots).
The updo I am wearing below is by EMO-tions and it is called Grace. (NOT free).
Then I went to Zuri Jewellery, which is not the same as Lazuri! Zuri has amazing group gifts, but this time I just went for her 5 Lucky chairs. They are on the top floor of the store and you do not need a group.
I got lovely earrings and a set of great silver bracelets from these chairs, but there are a lot more great gifts inside the chairs!
Over to the Designer Circle. Eyelure has some awesome tops and skinny jeans there in lovely pastel colours. There are 3 colours to chose from and you can mix & match all you like. Each top is 99 L$ and so is each pair of jeans.
On the pictures I am playing with some spheres. These poses are on offer at the Designer Circle by Icons of Style and there are 2 sets of 5 poses (including the spheres and a HUD to change the colours of the spheres) for just 85 L$ each.
The elegant two-toned Messina shoes are also on offer at the Designer Circle and they are by Loordes of London. Each pair is just 70 L$ and they are for SLINK MID feet.
Over to Ashmoot. I am just totally crazy about this outfit. It is so elegant and so well made...perfect for Fall and the price is even better. You can find this great outfit which is called Coll outfit, for just 99 L$ at the Designer Circle. It includes the skinny bow-back jeans, the sleeveless top, the great jacket and the long necklaces. The matching Vanessa high heels are for SLINK high feet and they are just 99 L$ too! Don't miss out on this outfit ladies.