Monday, September 8, 2014

You can never have enough short skirts!

Hi there Readers!
Short can wear them in summer or winter, in spring or fall. Just style them in a different way and you are ready to go!
Today on my blog several skirts...styled in fall style. And of course matching shoes. But also lovely fall gowns to wear in the new season!
So let me start with the Monday group gift by Wetherby's. This lovely Marlene gown is the newest gift. Joining the Wetherby's group is free and you get a new free outfit EACH DAY believe it or not. Besides that: the prices at Wetherby's are very affordable! You can also BUY this lovely Marlene gown with a HUD to change the texture into no less than 8 different textures. Enough gowns for the whole season!
The beautifull necklace and earrings set is Diamond Heart by La Petite Perle, which is 1 L$ on Marketplace.
The lovely skin I am wearing is by WoW skins and it is called KimY. You can find this skin at the Designer Circle for 99 L$ per skin tone.
The elegant hair is Cecelia by Tameless hair (249 L$ for a fatpack including the new colour change HUD, which changes this hair into over 30 hair tones).
The shoes are Olwen by Baby Monkey and they are on offer for 200 L$. You get a HUD with these shoes to change the colour into 32 different ones. You need to have SLINK HIGH feet though to wear these shoes.
Then I went to the Designer Circle to pick up some more goodies they have on offer there. I just love this cute Cindi outfit! It is by Giuliadesigns and you can find it at the Designer Circle in 4 different styles for just 100 L$ each! You get a sweet skirt and a lovely matching sweater.
To wear with these cute outfits you can decide to go get the great shoes by Sky. You can find them at the Designer Circle. The shoes are called Claire and you can chose orchid ones or nude ones. Each pair is 100 L$ and you need to own SLINK HIGH feet to wear them.
Or you can go grab the elegant Victoria sling back shoes by Icewerk. They are available at the Designer Circle in 5 tones for just 100 L$ per pair. You need to own SLINK HIGH feet though to wear these shoes.
The next cute skirt is by Curious Kitties and it is free on Marketplace. With this cute black skirt you can wear almost everything, but I decided to get the fat pack of Argyle knit sweaters by Edge Grafica to wear thgem with this skirt. They are free on Marketplace and you get 5 colours. I am wearing the black & white one here.
The bold spiked bracelets are by Real Evil Industries and they are free.
I decided to wear the Aryle sweater in yellow with another cute skirt, this time the skirt is also by Edge Grafica. You can find this tartan skirt in black and white on Marketplace for free.
Now if you like that bold look, why not grab this bold necklace by Black designs. This necklace is free and goes great with tee shirts and leather jeans. Or just with a simple dress. Or with the Argyle sweater and skirt :)