Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday....time to change my hairdo...

Hi Readers, welcome to my blog today.
Wednesday, halfway between last weekend and next weekend, time for a new look. Tameless has a lovely new hairdo on offer. And I am showing you the new group gift by Wetherby's. Ofcourse I went to the Designer Circle to find some more great offers there too.
So let me quickly start, this time with the hunt gift I found at ~GL~shop. They are participating in the Candy Girl Hunt and you can find all info about this hunt HERE. There are 40 shops to find, the hunt item is a lollipop and the hunt runs till October 19th. Now if you can find the hunt lollipop at ~GL~shop, this great outfit is yours!
The lovely skin is Rita darktan by WOW skins. Rita is available in 3 skintones at the Designer Circle till September 27th for just 99 L$ per skin tone. Appliers are available too.
The fun hair I am wearing with this outfit is by Tameless and it is their newest release, called Wren. All Tameless hair comes with an easy to use colour change hud, and you have a choice of a pack with natural colours, fantasy, or fades. Each colour comes in a roots and a non roots version and each contains 30 great colours. Just 249 L$ per pack about a hair change?
Showing you a few options of the Natural pack below.
Then I got the Wednesday group gift by Wetherby's ladies. Joining their group is free, but even if you don't want to join, their prices are very very modest. Today the group gift is this fun tee shirt dress called Julia. There is also a fat pack with all colours available if you want more colours of this great dress. And there is a fat pack with the sunglasses available too.
Then I went to the Designer Circle. Their current round runs till September 27th, so there is not much time left to go get the great offers you can find there. Like this fun Crush on You dress by B!asta. You can find this fun babydoll dress in no less than 5 colours at the Designer Circle for 79 L$ each!
I am wearing super shoes with this dress above. They are by Icewerk and they are called Bonita shoes. Lovely cork soles and beautiful fall colours, perfect shoes for the season ladies. They are available at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ and you have a choice of 5 colours. You need SLINK HIGH feet for these shoes.
The next outfit is by JK Style and it is called Rio Solids. You can find it at the Designer Circle for just 85 l$ and this is what you get: a great pair of skinny pants, a cropped vest with angle buttoned closure with a HUD to change the colour of this vest into 6 colours, a black and silver bracelet including a ring, and beautiful black pumps with a chain for SLINK HIGH feet!
Then I found some really cute babydoll dresses by Mu-shi Doll at the Designer Circle. They are called Olivia and they come in 3 colours for just 85 L$ each. The net stockings are included. Of course you can wear them as a top on your jeans or favorite pants too!
The lovely jewellery is the Shanty set by Lazuri (NOT free).