Wednesday, September 10, 2014

52 Cupcakes to find!

Readers, I just love cupcakes. I love them even more if there are GIFTS inside in stead of chocolate or cream. At Fabfree Headquaters is a Cupcake hunt going on for their 7th Anniversary. This hunt runs till September 16th and there are 52 cupcakes to find. They are not really hidden, you can easy spot them. I will just show you what I found.
This cute dress is hidden inside the cupcake by Kamiri.
The beautiful skin is by WoW skins and it is called KimY. You can find this skin at the Designer Circle in 3 skin tones for just 99 L$ per skin tone.
The elegant jewellery is the newest group gift by Lazuri. Joining this group is 350 L$ but there are a lot of previous group gifts available too.
The elegant hair is Cecelia by Tameless hair, 249 L$ for a huge fat pack including the hud to change the hair.
You could decide to go find the cupcake by TheVampireRealm and if you find it these boots (male and female version) are yours. They will go great with the Kamiri dress above. All cupcakes are at Fabfree Headquaters.
Or you can try to find the cupcake by Nail Me. They have this great Nail hud as a gift for you, but you do need SLINK hands (2250 L$ per fat pack) or the SLINK nail enhancer which works with system hands (150 L$). You can find the cupcakes at Fabfree Headquaters.
Another great gift is this lovely zebra dress by Tiffany. The dress is called Ally and you can find it inside the cupcake by Tiffany at Fabfree Headquaters or you can also get it for 10 L$ on Marketplace (it was free before the hunt..).
I got some awesome boots to wear with the dress from Marketplace and they are by Blackburns. These cute booties are free.
The black Pearls set is by Lazuri and this lovely set is colour change. You can change the metal and the pearls and this set is free on Marketplace. A classic you should not miss!
Wetherby's has a new group gift (joining the group is free) for Wednesday ladies. This elegant sally dress is the freebie, but you can buy a fat pack with a colour change hud, which changes the lovely Sally into 8 great colours!
The lovely jewellery is by La Petite Perle and it is their La Fleur set in red. This set is free on Marketplace.
Then the last days of the 87th round of the Designer Circle are here. This round runs till September 13th, so not much time left to go grab those great offers you can find at the Designer Circle.
Coco Sands has this lovely Claire shape on offer at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ and you can also get this elegant black & white split skirt dress for 99 L$.
The lovely foot Jewels are by Aidoru and they are called Dream The jewels and metal change with a HUD. (NOT free).
Another cute shape is the one by Anna Shapes and this shape is called Karen. You can find it at the Designer Circle for 80 L$.
Over to Baubles by Phe. They have these very elegant earrings on offer at the Designer Circle for just 85 L$. And you can also get the cute set of nails for SLINK hands or SLINK nail enhancer (which works with regular hands) for 100 L$.
My last find  for today is this awesome gown by Giulia Designs. This gown is called Devuta Beige and you can find it at the Designer Circle for just 100 L$ including the lovely bag.
The elegant jewellery set is by La Petite Perle and you can find this lovely black Eluna set for free on Marketplace.