Friday, December 27, 2013

Some more hunting to do

Morning Readers!
The Peace on Earth hunt ends on December 31st so you don't have much time left to finish the hunt. In this hunt you are looking for a blue globe with a white dove on it. There is a HINT & LINK page available, which is very helpful if you get stuck or just want to find a hunt item at a special shop. I have some last hunt items for you all, so you can see what great gifts there are to find!
I landed at #182 Morea. They have this elegant dress hidden inside their hunt globe and all you have to do to get it is find that globe at their store!
Another participant in the POE hunt is #95 Shiki. This lovely dress is their hunt prize and it is just too cute to miss ladies! So hop over to Shiki and start hunting!
You could decide to visit #134 Timelines Vintage next because they have some great matching shoes with the dress above! The only thing you have to do is find their globe! I love the little dove detail on the shoes!
And #90 in this hunt is 1 Hundred. They also have a lovely short dress as a hunt gift in the POE hunt. I styled it with the elegant Ivy jewellery which is the hunt gift at #75 Violator. It gives the dress something least that is what I think. If you like the style too, just go hunting at both stores!
I also found the hunt globe at #88 Sonatta Morales. Inside was this very elegant cocktail dress, including the hat. It is just awesome, you will draw so much attention wearing this elegant dress!
If you like a more casual outfit, you can decide to go hunting at #133 Glitterati by Saphire. You will find this great pant & top outfit hidden inside their hunt globe.
The great boots are the hunt gift at #68 Pelletteria Morrisey and they are yours if you can locate the hunt globe there!
If you like a more elegant look you can also go find the hunt globe at #127 Orage Creations. They have these very elegant glittering boots as a hunt gift and they add just that touch of elegance to your pants & tops.
Now there are also a lot of gowns to find in the POE hunt. Perfect for the December month! Now if you like gowns as much as I do why don't you go find that hunt globe at #93 Artizana Ethnic Couture. You will find this elegant ethnic gown inside it!
And #54 Romance Couture has this beauty as a hunt gift for you! A lovely gown and there are lights shining around you when wearing this beautiful gown!
The next lovely green gown is the hunt gift by #84 Dressed by Lexi. Now green is one of my favourite colours, but you have to admit: the gown is amazing ladies. It looks like green rich velvet and the beautiful neckline flatters every woman!
To wear with your lovely gowns and dresses #110 Elemental has this lovely set of necklaces hidden inside their hunt globe. You can wear them separate or together and they are just too good to miss!