Tuesday, December 17, 2013

8 Days till Christmas

Hi there readers!
I have to tell you that I didn't even make the top 5 in the Avi Choice Awards as best blogger, but I am very happy that enough of you, my readers, nominated me so I could participate! Thank you all for that, it is a great sign of appreciation by you all! Congratulations to the FabFree bloggers which won this great award.
So what's on my blog today? First a great coat by my friend Nani from NS Designs. And then some more goodies from the 69th round of the Designer Circle, which started already and which runs till December 28th. And finally some more hunting in the Peace on Earth hunt, which runs till December 31st.
So Nani has created a lovely coat in 4 great colours. It is easy to change because you get a HUD with it to change the colour and texture. This lovely coat is just 1 L$ ad NS designs ladies!!
Then the Designer Circle is having their 69th round. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and some great Second life designers offer one or more of their great designs there. It is a great way to get your inventory filled with first class designs for a low price!
So what did I get there? YES!! Another great coat called Finlandia Parka. It is by Loordes of London and this lovely coat comes in 5 great colours. Each one is just 70 L$.
If you are wondering what I am earing UNDER this great parka: it's a great sexy black leather dress by Pure Perfection. It is also on offer at the Designer Circle for 99 L$.
The lovely jewellery is an older group gift by Finesmith.
Then I needed some great boots to wear with the coats above. Can't go out in the snow without boots can I? Well Hollyhood has some awesome ones on offer at the Designer Circle. These Furball boots are on offer in white or black for 99 L$ each. And they keep your feet warm all winter!!
OK I put black & white on the picture so you can see which is black and white :)
Another store I love which is participating in the Designer Circle is B!asta. They have this great Oh DEER! outfit for us all for 79 L$ per colour. A lovely silk skirt with a beautiful sweater to go with it. And you can chose from 5 great colours!
Over to the Peace on Earth hunt. Like I said above: this hunt runs till December 31st and there are 200 stores to visit. I am not blogging them all, but I am trying to cover a lot of the great gifts you can find in this hunt. You are looking for a blue globe with a white dove on it. And here is the HINT & LINK PAGE.
I decided to go to #78 Baboom and find the hunt globe there. And yes I found it ladies and inside was this elegant gown!
I wanted to find more, so I hopped over to #53 Topazia to find this lovely dandelion dress inside their hunt globe. Even the lovely make up is included. It is just awesome, I feel like a flower wearing this great gown! If you love it to: go hunting!!
Another participant in the POE hunt is #58 Debutante. I found their hunt globe and went to unpack it. To my surprise inside I found not ONE but TWO great gowns, in silver and in gold! Wow...perfect for Christmas ladies!!
And as we do not want to wear gowns all the time the gift which is hidden inside the hunt globe at #71 K-Code is a great gift to find. A lovely green war winter dress, great to wear on those colder days!  I am wearing another gift in the POE hunt with this dress, a beautiful long necklace which is the hunt gift by #48 Eclectica. So what are you still doing here? GO HUNTING!!