Friday, December 13, 2013

12 Days till Christmas

Hi there Readers,
Today a few of my favourite Advent Calendars start at Baby Monkey and at Chop Zuey! Chop Zuey has a GROUP and a non group Advent calendar and joining the group is 350 L$. Baby Monkey has a group only advent calendar and joining is 250 L$.
And WoW skins has new lucky boards gifts again, joining is 350 L$ but you get a free group skin each month and the previous gifts are still available too. Here are a few of their newest gifts inside their lucky boards:
First a complete Sahar avatar including bikini, jewellery, 3 dresses and shoes, which is in the large Lucky board.
The skins & shapes and make up layers are in the smaller lucky boards.

Then there is a BIG 100L WEEKEND SALE at WoW skins!! This is for everyone, not just group members!
11 selected skins, each one only 100L$! Fatpacks are included.
Search for the red sale tag to find them.
This sale will go on from 13 to 15 december! All skins have all kind of appliers! Demos available.

And Dirty.Little.Secret is taking part in the Gatcha Garden Festival and you will get a lovely jacket each time you try. There are 2 rare jackets to get and 4 more common ones. Each try is 25 L$. This event runs till January 2nd.
And there is also the Crimbo hunt in which Dirty.Little.Secret is participating too. This hunt runs till December 28th and you are looking for a red Christmas stocking. And if you can find it this great red hoodie is yours.
Then SLC has a new release. Serina has been away for a while as she was busy RL, but she is partly back now. And wow what a lovely release! The dress is called Sophia knitted dress and it comes in a lot of great colours (199 L$ per dress). There are also matching boots available which are called Mesh strap booties. The socks are colour change (149 L$ per pair including the HUD to change the socks colour).
Back to the Peace on Earth hunt. This hunt runs till December 31st and you are looking for a blue globe with a white dove on it. There is a HINT & LINK page available which is very helpful!
Now if you land at #17 ALaFolie and you can locate that globe this elegant lace and corset dress is yours! I just love it!
The lovely jewellery is the Eda set by Lazuri (NOT free).
And if you decide to go to #172 Bubblez Designs you get this elegant white dress as a gift. It is just great to wear and you can spice it up with lovely jewellery or with a fur stole.