Friday, December 6, 2013

19 Days till Christmas

Hi there Readers,
Today I am going to start with the 60 L$ offers at Sascha's Designs and with their weekly half price gown offer. Each week on Friday these offers change so don't wait too long to pick them up.
This week you can get the lovely Gracious gown in purple for just 300 L$. This gown comes with all the options I am showing you below! So it will feel like you got a whole new wardrobe, so many choices to wear!
The elegant SKIN and shape I am wearing today is Love Tan skins and the Love shape by WoW skins and it is their newest group gift. Joining is 300 L$ but you get a free skin each month.
The jewellery is by Lazuri, the All Glam Diamonds set (NOT free).
The elegant hair is a new release by Tameless hair and it is called Precilla. The hair comes in several colour packs (natural, fades and fantasy). (NOT free).
And the 60 L$ offers? Well you can get the elegant Caffe cocktail dress in red for 60 L$, or the lovely Momo blouse in moss, or that fun Alexa pink baby doll dress, also for just 60 L$. All at Sascha's Designs ladies.

Then I went to the Designer Circle to pick up some more of their great offers. This elegant jacket is on offer there by Baboom. It is called √Čva and it is just 100 L$.
This skin is Donna by WoW skins (NOT free)
The lovely necklace I am wearing with this jacket is also on offer at the Designer Circle. It is by Pure Poison and it is called Cleo. You can chose a green one or a red one and each one is 99 L$.
This skin is again the lovely Love skin and shape in tan by WoW skins, group gift, joining is 300 L$.
But that is not all Pure Poison has on offer at the Designer Circle! You can also get this great top or skirt! They are called Tia skirt and top and each one is 99 L$.
Over to the Peace on Earth hunt. This hunt runs till December 31st. You can find a HINT & LINK page here and you are looking for a globe with a white dove on it.
If you can find that globe at #128 Aidoru this great fun dress is yours to wear ladies!
With the dress I am wearing the hunt gift by #152 Exquisite. A great set of jewellery, a long and a short necklace and earrings with sweet hearts. But you get more! A Yin-Yang necklace and a beautiful diamond ring (not shown) and another set of bangles and a long necklace. It's so worth to go hunting there!
My last find for today is this fun red sweater by #81 Styles by Danielle. I am wearing another hunt gift with this sweater: jeans with leaves on them by #74 TuttiFrutti. You also get another pair of jeans in the same gift. And all you have to do to get the jeans or the sweater is go hunting for that globe!
The boots are by Baby Monkey and they are called Mirari boots (NOT free).