Wednesday, December 4, 2013

21 days till Christmas

Hi there Readers,
Did you all put up your Christmas tree yet? And the Christmas decorations? Or are you as lazy as I am and you wait till there is a really bad dark rainy/snowy day? Anyway, there is a lot of Christmas shopping to be done today. The Designer Circle has their 68th round which runs till December 14th, the POE hunt is still going on and with 200 stores I have a lot to blog, and I found a few great group gifts too.
Today I will start with the Designer Circle. Nothing there is over 100 L$ and they have some awesome offers. Like this very cute dresses by B!asta. I just love that retro look...they come with a colour change hud and they are just 99 L$ at the Designer Circle. You get all colours shown!
The cute knee highs are on offer too, for 55 L$ you get the fat pack.
The skin & shape on these pictures is Valentina by WoW skins (NOT free).
The booties are by Baby Monkey and they are called Delia boots. (NOT free but very affordable).
Then I fell for the Nayra dresses Kanou has on offer at the Designer Circle. They are just sooo elegant and the surprise is the back...low cut and very sexy. These dresses come in 4 great colours and each one is 80 L$.
The skin and shape I am wearing on the pictures below are also by WoW skins and this one is called Donna, make up version #2.
Over to the Peace on Earth hunt. This hunt runs till end of December and there are 200 designers participating. There is a HINT & LINK page available, and you are looking for a globe with a white dove on it.
Today I went to #97 Chichickie. It is the only hair I found up till now in this hunt and WOW super hair! I love the fringe, it looks very real! The hair is colour change so you get a fat pack with all colours. Go find that globe, the designer whispered to me: the hint is a line of a song...and Google is your friend.
You could decide to wear this hair with the gift I found at #26 in this hunt: 69 Park Ave. It is actually a male outfit, but hey I was COLD!!! There are no shoes included, so I am walking in the snow on my socks...
This outfit is hidden inside the POE globe, so go find it or take your male friends to find it.
And this warm outfit is by #197 DG Designs. If you can find the globe at their store you can wear this cute coat, the socks, and the fun ankle boots all winter!
I am just a sucker for gowns. And believe me, there are plenty to find in this hunt. I just LOVE them all. This next gown is the hunt gift by #181 Y o k a n a. It is a lovely mermaid gown with a lovely peacock feather design. Go hunting ladies, it is worth it!
And this beauty is the hunt gift by #50 Evolve. Also a mermaid gown, but with a very special texture and an amazing collar. Do you see yourself celebrating Christmas in this gown? Well look for that globe at Evolve!
Another great gown is this one. It is by Gizza and it is their 3rd Anniversary gift for group members. Joining the group is free, so what is keeping you here? The necklace is included.

And my last find is the newest group gift at Gabriel. You get this elegant hand/shoulder bag if you are a group member!