Sunday, December 29, 2013

An almost red blog

Hi there Readers,
Today almost all items on my blog are red, or green. So it is a bit a Christmas left overs blog. But the gowns are still wearable even if it is not Christmas anymore.
This first lovely gown is a hunt gift in the Peace on Earth hunt. This hunt runs till December 31st so there is not much time left to go get the lovely gifts. You can find the HINT & LINK page here and you are looking for a globe with a white dove on it.
This beautiful gown is the hunt gift at #59 Innuendo and it has just a simple elegance which makes every woman look great! The choker is included.
And this sweet dress is also a gift in the POE hunt, and you can find it inside the hunt globe at #171 Egoisme. It reminds me of those peppermint sticks and that makes me smile!
The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri, it is their Celeste Heirloom set (NOT free).
Another participant in the POE hunt is #113 [[Masoom]]. If you can locate the hunt globe at their store this elegant green mesh dress is yours to wear!
The jewellery is again by Lazuri (NOT free). It is their Maysoon set.
And at #104 Corrupted Innocence you will get this great red and green dress as a hunt gift. That is of course if you can find the globe at their store!
Over to my left overs from Marketplace. I found quite a lot there and these gowns are called Lea gowns. They are by Unzip me and you get both, a red and a green one. Even a lovely white feather hat is included. This set is free.
The red pearls are also free. This great set of necklace and bracelets is a gift by RealEvil Industries.
And this lovely gown is also free and you can find it on Marketplace in the Grim Bros store. It is just an awesome gown that will draw a lot of attention when you are wearing it!
I also found a cute mini skirt on Marketplace and it is by Mesh Head. The skirt is free and it comes with a colour change hud so you can change it in several other colours. I am wearing a Sascha's Designs Milou top with this skirt (not free) and great hair by Mayden Couture. This hair comes in 4 hair tones and it is free on Marketplace.
Then I wanted to find some great shoes to wear with the red outfits. Well I found these cute booties by JetCity. They are called Strapped for Christmas and they are 1 L$.
Jetcity has also a pair of high boots on offer on Marketplace. They are called Xmas stars and they are 1 L$.
Last find are these elegant sandals by P10. They are totally free and they are really good quality!