Monday, December 9, 2013

16 days till Christmas

Hello Readers!
Today some new hair styles which are released by Tameless, some more Designer Circle and some more Peace on Earth hunting to do!
I hope there is a little bit for everyone this time :)
Let me start with the Designer Circle. 1 Hundred is offering a sexy bikini at the Designer Circle for 95 L$ and you get the choice from 3 great colours. For me it is strange to blog a bikini right now as it is winter here. But I do realise that on the other side of the world it is summer :)
The lovely skin & shape is the newest group gift by WoW skins. The skin is called Love tan. Joining the group is 300 L$ but you get a free new skin each month and there is a box with previous gifts available too.
The elegant hair is called Percilla and it is a new release by Tameless (blogged below).
Then I got something really Christmassy: Poses by Icons of Style. They have this great Rudolf for us all with a LOT of poses - 26 I think (I am showing you just a few option, but I had great fun playing around with Rudolf). Rudolf with all the poses is just 70 L$!
They also have a great gift box with 12 poses ...for just 60 L$. Both are available at the Designer Circle till December 14th.
The cute dresses I am wearing on these pictures and the matching shoes are by Amarelo Manga and they are called Patricia. You can get then too at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ each and you have the choice of 2 colours, pink and teal.

The next shape by Anna shapes is also available at the Designer Circle. The shape is called Ely and it is just 80 L$.
Over to Tameless hair. They released 3 new hair styles and they are not free. Each hair style comes in 3 colour packs: Naturals with all 20 natural colours, Fades with 16 ombre and tipped colours, and Fantasy with 20 fantasy colours.  Each colour pack is $249.  The Mega Pack with all colours are $499L..
This hair is called Percilla (Not showing you all options)
This hair is called Sandy (not showing you all options). The lovely nails are by Allusions and they are free (wearable with the SLINK nail enhancer - 150 L$).
And this one is called Vesna. (not showing you all options)
And now for the Peace on Earth  hunt. There are 200 stores participating in this hunt, and I am trying to blog most of them ladies. The hunt runs till December 31st and you are looking for a globe with a white dove on it. You can find the HINT & LINK page here.
I landed at #6 Diesel works and found some great poses there hidden inside their hunt globe! I just love the hand-on-butt one !
And yesterday I blogged the nails #153 Beautiful Deluxe has as a gift in this hunt. I made a terrible mistake...I told you all you need the SLINK enhancer to wear these nails. The designer told me that is not can wear them without the SLINK enhancer (or with it if you have an enhancer). So here they are again...and here is also the lovely make up that is also included inside this gift!
My apologies to you all and to the designer!
I found some more nails, but these are with jewels. I just fell for this set by #16 WTG. You don't only get a great necklace and earrings, which go great with any gown or dress, but you also get these jewelled nails with rings. Ohh what a gift! Come on ladies I know you want this gift too: GO HUNTING!!!
Then I was stunned again. #34 Chop Zuey has another awesome gift hidden inside their hunt globe! Ohhhh like most women I am a sucker for jewellery and this set is amazing. There are so many beautiful gifts in the POE hunt ladies. Just find those globes!
Over to #36 Snowpaws. I simply fell in love this this cute dress they are giving you as a gift in the POE hunt if you can locate their globe. The dress is a baby doll dress in a great shade of pink...elegant and fun! The snow hair piece is included.
And now for my last finds in the POE hunt for today. I already blogged these great jeans by #74 TuttiFrutti. They are just amazing, you get 2 pairs if you can find the globe at their store. The sweater I am wearing with these pants is by #3 Legal Insanity. Just a great sweater! And all you have to do is find that globe.
The shoes are by Baby Monkey (they have a new landmark!) and they are called Mirari (NOT free).
I found another great sweater/jacket in this hunt and this one is hidden inside the hunt globe at #67 Dot-be. If you like it too you just have to go hunting!
The jeans are the second pair by TuttiFrutti and the booties are the same Mirari booties by Baby Monkey.