Sunday, December 8, 2013

17 days till Christmas

Good morning readers on this beautiful Sunday!
Just 17 days to go to Christmas and there is so much to blog! There is the Designer Circle, who are having their 68th round, which runs till December 14th. And there is the Peace on Earth hunt, which runs till December 31st. And there are also some awesome group gifts to blog!
But let me start with the Peace on Earth hunt.
I found out that a lot of you have no idea what a hunt is. So I will explain it in short here. Designers sometimes hide a gift inside an object. And then they hide that object in their store (or on their SIM). It is like hide and seek, you can go find that hidden object and get a lovely gift. Sometimes the gifts are free, others you have to pay a small amount for, like 1, 5 or 10 L$.
Usually the hunts are announced at the participating stores, sometimes you can find them on blogs like mine. Inside each gift is a landmark to the next participating store. And in most hunts there is a HINT & LINK page available, where you can find all participating stores, their landmarks and their hints where to find the gifts. Hunts run only a limited time!
Now in the Peace on Earth hunt there is a HINT & LINK page available and like I said the gifts are hidden inside a globe with a white dove on it. And if you land at #156 Ever'n Angel you will get this lovely soft blue snow crystals gown to wear!
The lovely jewellery is the All Glam diamonds set by Lazuri (NOT free, but colour change so you can adjust it to all your outfits).
The skin & shape I am wearing today is Donna tan, cleavage option, make up #2 by WoW skins (NOT free).
The lovely hair is Deanne by Tameless, ruby colour (NOT free).
The next stop was at #162 Tonic. They have these lovely elegant pumps as a gift hidden inside their globe from the POE hunt! Now wouldn't they go great with your gowns? I just love the golden details!
To wear with your lovely gowns and outfits you can also go hunting for these awesome nails. They are the hunt gift at #153 Beautiful Deluxe. The nails come with the regular nails  that can be worn and changed with a hud along with a slink hud for those who own slink hands. So even if you don't have the SLINK enhancer these nails can be worn perfectly!
Another participant in the POE hunt is #167 Star Kindler. They have an awesome broche as gift in this hunt.
I actually found quite a bit of jewellery in the POE hunt. How about this Christmas broche by #30 GlamDammit? You get a male and a female one if you can find that globe at their store!
And at #41 Stars! you will get this great jewellery set. But first you have to go hunting for that globe! Use the hint & link page, it is a great help!
Another great necklace with the words PEACE is the gift at #170 Image Factory. If you love it too, just go find that globe which is hidden at their store!
Kunglers is #28 in the POE hunt and wow...I just love this necklace! Isn't that a great one? Gosh is sooo worth hunting for ladies! Just think how it will look on your sweaters or shirts! (there is temp something wrong with the LM...the HINT & LINK page said SKIP).
Talking about shirts and sweaters: you can find these great sweaters inside the globe which is hidden at #141 Orquidea. Perfect winter sweaters in great colours and all you have to do is find that globe! I know I need a simple lovely sweater some days, just to wear with my fav jeans! These sweaters are NO MESH.
There are some more great shirts to find in the POE hunt. Like this elegant tank which is the hunt gift at #184 AFI Design. The butterflies are rotating which makes the tank change all the time!
And this funky shirt including the hair, 2 pairs of eyes and 3 make up layers is the hunt gift at #180 KMadd. Get ready for a hot Christmas ladies....what a great gift!
Over to the Designer Circle. These lovely warm coats are on offer at the Designer Circle by Loordes of London. I am a sucker for coats, especially when it is winter in the Netherlands and I am wearing a coat RL too. I jus love these ones! My hands hidden inside them, keeping me warm all winter. The coats are called FOG coats and they come in 5 great colours. And the price? Just 70 L$ per coat!
Then I went to Finesmith and picked up the group gifts I didn't have yet. I don't think I will wear their November gift at Christmas...but it is a great necklace! But maybe I will wear the Shikati gift? If you want to wear either one: Join the Finesmith group and get the group gifts :)