Tuesday, December 10, 2013

15 Days till Christmas

Morning Readers,
I know my blog titles suck. But actually it is quite easy to have another 14 titles without picking my brain for another title! Though today I would have had a title, because on my blog today are only skins and shapes.
They are all gifts in the Peace on Earth hunt and they are all different and they are all great gifts! In the POE hunt you are looking for a globe with a white dove on it. The hunt runs till December 31st and there are 200 stores participating!
The HINT & LINK page is available here.

One of my first skins came from #77 Rockberry and they have some awesome Bailey skins hidden inside their hunt globe ladies. You get 3 great skin tones if you can locate the globe at their store!

 And #101 Ooh-La-Licious has these great Blossom skins for you. That is if you can find out where they hid that globe! Again 3 great skin tones...so you can take your pick. They just moved to a new location.

#2 in this hunt is Style by Kira. They have 2 lovely skin tones hidden inside their hunt globe, and you get a cleavage option and a less cleavage option of each skin! The skins are called Elena and you only have to find that globe to wear them!

Over to something different. There are some awesome unusual skins to find too in the POE hunt. How about #11 Amacci? They have these great Rayna skins (in 2 tones) hidden inside their hunt globe and they also have this elegant Klara hair in 2 tones in the same gift. A great way to change your looks!
Another unusual skin is the one  #32 Dulce Secrets has hidden inside their hunt globe. This lovely blue skin is called Snowee and it is a great gift!
The next skin is by #149 Diamond style and this skin is called Renzy. This lovely skin is your is yours if you can find that hunt globe ladies.
And these skins are by #65 Blush skins. They are called Rae skins and you get no less than 4 skin tones IF you can find that hunt globe!

 I am wearing the Rae skins with #69 Zinner shapes. You get a lot of shapes, ranging from very thin to a bit more full. But first you have to go hunting for the POE globe! The shapes are called Niara.
And you can get even more shapes if you can find the hunt globe at #109 Magic Avi. This shape is called Nisse small and you can find it inside the globe of the POE hunt at their store.
The last globe to hunt for today is hidden at #124 Ample Avi. It is a must to go hunting there if you love curvy avatars ladies...so hop over and find that globe!