Friday, November 1, 2013

Sascha's Designs, a mini hunt at Baboom, and some awesome skins

Happy Friday readers!
On Friday the 60 L$ offers and the weekly half price gown offer at Sascha's Designs change. This week you can get one of their best selling gowns for half the regular price! it is the lovely Piper in bronze and it is just 300 L$ this week only! The Piper has many options, you can wear it as a full gown, or more sexy with an open top (showing your belly) and a shorter or sleek skirt.
There is also a hat included.
The lovely jewellery I am wearing today on my blog with all outfits is the Saffi set by Lazuri. The metal, beads and stones are colour change so you can adjust it to all your great outfits!
I am wearing the Donna skin & shape on my blog today ladies. This skin & shape is by WoW skins (NOT free).
The newest 60 L$ offers at Sascha's Designs are the ones below. A great winter coat with panther design, or a fun polka dotted dress called Miss Sixty.
Yesterday I was at Baboom and I noticed a small hunt was going on. You are looking for 6 pumpkins all over the store (also outside). One is 20 L$ and inside you will find the lovely soft green gown below, including the hat. There are 2 pumpkins which are 10 L$ and the rest is free. Look below what you can find there if you can locate the pumpkins. YOU HAVE TO BE FAST THOUGH BECAUSE THE HUNT ENDED TODAY...but the designer whispered to me that she will leave the pumpkins a one or two days hop over now and get those pumpkins....
(the black top is not included, the hunt gift are the mesh rose pants).
Then WoW skins has a new group gifts ladies. I can't help it, I just love all their skins. Joining the group is 250 L$ but you get a new skin each month AND all previous group gifts are also still in a box right next to the newest group gift! Besides that: there are 2 Midnight Mania boards and no less that TEN lucky boards, all group only!
But this is their newest group gift: The Fay skin in milk! Thank you so much Sawsan!
WoW skins also participating in the Big Booty Bazaar and their lovely Jessica skin is on offer there. This skin come sin 3 lovely skin tones, and there are (YAY!!) two freckles layers included too! The Jessica skins are great to wear and ALL (and I mean really ALL) appliers are included!
The Big Booty Bazaar opened today!