Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

Half way through the week, and I am wishing you a good morning Readers!
Today I am going to start with the Designer Circle once more and I will end with some more hunting. I don't have to tell you again that nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$, but I do have to tell you that this round ends on November 30th! So HURFRY!!
I just love the elegant outfits Pink Cherry has on offer at the Designer Circle. They are called Jil and there are two version on offer each for 99 L$. They are just too elegant to miss ladies!
I am showing you the Pink Cherry outfits with poses by Pink Insidious. These poses are called PrincessMode sinful poses and they are on offer at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ (you get 6 poses).
Then I got some great necklaces, which also are on offer at the Designer Circle. They are by Pink Cherry too and you can get a gold or a silver one for 80 L$ each.
There are some more poses to find at the Designer Circle. These ones are by Icons of Style and they are called Daphne poses. You get 6 different poses, but you also get mirrored ones. You have to pay 75 L$ for all these poses!
Icons of Style offers some more great poses at the Designer Circle. These poses are called Face Hide poses, and you get 6 different poses with the mirrored ones (in total 12 poses). And the price? Just 50 L$ ladies!!

What else did I get? Just some to die for booties! They are sooo great, I could not stop playing around with them. You get a plan version and you can add socks. And the socks are colour change! The possibilities are endless! You can find these boots in black or bronze at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ per pair. And who made them? Hollyhood!
Over to the Dirty Turkey hunt. I placed the HINT & LINK page on my blog already several times, but here it is again. You are looking for a small round box with a turkey on it. This hunt runs till November 30th so just a few days left!
I found the box at #66 PMS. And if you can find it too, these awesome tattoos are yours!!!
Another participant in this hunt is #80 A.S.S. They have this piercing with stitches. The piercings are colour change with a hud. But before you can wear it you have to find that turkey box!
If you love piercings hop over to #72 Hollyweird. They have these awesome piercings as a gift in the Dirty Turkey hunt! You get the regular version I am showing, but also a version with shadows.
And you can find more piercings inside the hunt box at #79 Twisted and Reckless.
Over to #68 Etham. They have some great sunglasses as a gift in this hunt. With colour change glasses, from blank to dark. But you have to find that hunt box first before they are yours!
And my last finds for today: A great pair of pants by #77 Cheeky. These fun pants are hidden inside the Turkey box and you have to find it before you can wear them :)
The lovely tops are also a hunt gift by #75 Underdogs. You not only get that sweet green top, but also that warm suede jacket with or without a tee shirt! Wow what a gift!