Thursday, October 31, 2013

WoW skins and Iffyta

Hi there readers!
Today I am going to start wit WoW skins. As you all know I am wearing the Donna skin & shape and the Valentina skin & shape on my blog now every day. They are just elegant and perfect to wear. But WoW skins also is taking part in ROCKABILLY FASHION FAIR, that starts on November 3rd. They have these gorgeous Cherry skins & shape there, you really have to go take a look at those skins ladies. Each of the three skin tones comes with 4 different make ups. All appliers are included, and when I say ALL I mean really ALL!
And you can chose for a cleavage option too.
Then WoW skins has no less than TEN lucky boards at their store and 2 Midnight Mania boards. They are GROUP ONLY and joining the group is 250 L$, but you get a free new skin each month and you also get all previous gifts! So a 250 L$ well spend! The gifts in the Midnight Mania Boards and the lucky boards change often, I am showing you what I got there this week, but if you get there, there might be other gifts already. All great quality though!

 The lip glosses below are on the lucky boards, NOT the skins or shapes.

Then I was on Marketplace as you all might have noticed. I was actually at Iffyta and they have some great freebies on Marketplace!
Like these fun Sami's shorts! With all the next outfits a HUD is included which changed the texture or the colour!
To wear with these shorts they also have awesome tanks. These are called Dags solid tanks. The lovely jewellery is the Kaya set by Lazuri which is (as you can see) colour change. (NOT free, but 50% discounted)
There are also striped tanks you can get and these are called Stripes Galore tanks.
The next dress is also by Iffyta and this dress is called Womens skirt outfit stripes galore. All these outfits are free.
And this mini sun dress is called Dags mini sun dress *giggles*
The sun dress also comes in a bit longer version. It comes in 8 great solid colours and it is called Sundress.
There is also a Stripe Galore version of this cute sun dress :)