Sunday, November 10, 2013

Let me rock your Kastle!

Hi Readers:)
Today just a few stores to visit. I hadn't been to Kastle Rock for a while and they always have some awesome group gifts. But not only that: they also have 3 lucky chairs, several mini mania boards and one Midnight Mania board!
Let me start with the Midnight Mania board. I got this great Lolita outfit in lavender from this board.
Joining the Kastle Rock group is 100 L$, which is a steal as you get all these previous group gifts! I am showing you a few examples below.

And then I took a look at all the group gifts I missed lately! You can find the group gifts upstairs and all older group gifts are still there too!
With the gowns and outfits below I am wearing three jewellery sets by Lazuri. One is called Delia, one is called Celeste special edition, the other All Glam Diamonds. These sets are NOT free.
The last item I got are these 2 fun shirts from the Mini Mania boards!
I thought the newest group gift by Virtual Impressions would be great to wear with the lovely gowns above!
And if your shape doesn't feel right anymore, why not hop over to Anna shapes? They have a lovely gift shape at their store and a great Leslie shape for just 1 L$. I am showing you my regular shape too, so you can compare how tall the shapes are.