Saturday, November 30, 2013

The day after Black Friday

Hi there Readers!
I hope you all survived Black Friday with all the sales and after eating all the food on Thanksgiving? Well actually I have no clue how Thanksgiving is celebrated, and I have no clue what Black Friday is all about. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe and Black Friday is usually in July, when everyone has their annual holiday.
But then again: my American or Canadian readers most likely have no clue what Sinterklaas is all about, or what Kings or Queens day is all about, which both are celebrated in the Netherlands. It's always good to get to know each others habits and celebrations!
But let me start blogging...well Sascha's Designs have changed their 60 L$ offers and also their weekly half price gown offer. These offers change every Friday. And this week - due to Black Friday - Sascha has not put out three 60 L$ offers but five! Here they are:
A lovely black gown called Starlet. The jewellery is the Kaya 2 set by Lazuri (NOT free).
My skin and shape are by WoW skins, and this one is Donna tan, cleavage option, make up #2. With WoW skins all appliers are included. (NOT free).
The next 60 L$ offer is this cute fur bolero, which would go great with the Starlet gown on colder days!
This outfit is also 60 L$ and it is called Angel in gold.
And this cute dress is called Faeyen in pink and it is also 60 L$
Last of the 60 L$ offers is this sweet DeeDee cocktail dress in turquoise.
The weekly gown offer by Sascha's Designs is one of her best selling gowns: the Waterfall. This week it is a special edition one, Waterfall in burgundy. The gown is perfect for Christmas, but of course you can wear it all year round. This week it is 50% reduced to 350 L$ and you get all options shown below.
 Then we have some more hunting to do ladies! Let me start with GL shop. They are participating in 2 great hunts: The Forbidden Apple hunt (look for an apple with devils horns) and the Rock Christmas Hunt (1 L$ per gift). The Forbidden Apple hunt runs till December 8th and this is the gift you will get if you can locate that apple at GL shop:
The jewellery is by Lazuri - Kaya set 2 (NOT free).
For the Rock Christmas hunt you have to find a red musical note at GL shop. This hunt starts December 1st and runs till December 31st. 1 L$ per gift and if you find that note at GS shop this great outfit is yours, including the boots!
Then SoulGlitter is participating in the Candy Cane hunt #5. You are looking for a cup of hot coco with a candy cane in it in this hunt. The hunt runs from November 25th till December 25th. And if you can find the hunt item at SoulGlitter, you get a male sweater and a lovely female outfit as a gift!