Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Get a new skin and go hunting today!

Hi there readers!
Today I am going to start with the awesome new skins WoW skins has at the Silicone Event.. This lovely skin & shape are called Gioia and they come in 3 great skin tones. They are not free, b ut great to wear. ALL appliers are included, even freckle layers are included!
The lovely jewellery is the newest group gift by Lazuri (a necklace is included too - see the pictures of the Maai dress below -, and the set is colour change). Joining this group is 350 L$.
The next skin and shape are also by WoW skins and I got it from their lucky boards. The boards are GROUP ONLY and joining is 300 L$ but you get a free skin each month and you are free to click their Midnight Mania boards and the lucky boards. Besides all that: there is a box with previous group gifts available too.
This skin is called Sabryne skin & shape. The gifts in the lucky boards change often, so when you get there there might be other gifts available.
Then I went to Maai. I just love their lucky chair and I stood there for a while. I was so lucky to get this lovely sculpted dress in pink!
You know by now that I am doing the Dirty Turkey hunt. This hunt runs till November 30th and there are many great gifts to find. You are looking for a round box with a turkey on it. If you get stuck the HINT & LINK page might come in handy!
My first stop was at #55 Kita Sideshow. And OH NO I could not find the round box with the turkey on it there!! But what I did find was an unlucky chair which gave me this great dress including the shoes!!
Then I went to #54 The little Bat...and I blogged the lovely gown I found inside the hunt box earlier. But here it is again. And I found a cute pumpkin at the Little Bat, which is from another hunt. You have to buy it for 1 L$ and inside I found this tooth necklace and earrings!
The next stop was #45 Ducknipple and if you find that round box there you get this sexy top to wear!
Then I went to #53 Dolle and they have a lovely fall dress hidden inside their round Turkey box. Perfect to wear in this season ladies!! So go find it!
The lovely jewellery is the latest group gift by Lazuri (joining is 350 L$)
And #44 K2K is also a participant in this hunt! They have an awesome gift in their turkey box ladies, a great Steampunk outfit in 2 varieties! Ohh it is sooo worth to find that hunt box there because even the red boots are included!!
Then I went to #49 Toxic High and found this sexy little thing inside their hunt box. Is that something you would like to wear? Well go hunting ladies !!