Thursday, November 28, 2013

Skins on Thanksgiving !!!

Happy Thanksgiving readers!
As we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe, and I am away for a few days, I just made a regular blog.
Today just skins on my blog, and I will start with the skins by WoW skins.
WoW skins is thanking their customers with a lovely skin gift called Aurora. You can find this lovely skin for 1 L$ on Marketplace.
And WoW skins is also participating in The Winter Trend SL 2013 fair, that will start the 29 November till 13 December. This beautiful Audrey skin & shape is an exclusive for this fair! (NOT free). There are 4 different make ups available and a natural version too. I am showing you a different make up on each skin tone.
WoW skins has no less than 10 lucky boards. They are GROUP boards and joining is 300 L$, but you get the chance to click their lucky boards, you get a free skin each month, and all previous group gifts are also still available. And you can click their 2 Midnight Mania board. The skins below I got from the lucky boards.
The parted lips are NOT included, they are by Step Inside and you can find them on Marketplace for 59 L$ for 4 versions.
Then I went to the lucky boards at Mother Gooses. Just go there and stand at their many lucky boards for a while and I am sure you will leave with several great skins.
The letters of their many lucky boards change every 3 minutes, so you have a lot of chances!
Some of the skins are very very light, sorry for the pictures...