Thursday, July 25, 2013

A GREAT dress and The Gallery Gift Shop hunt

Hi readers,
Today I am going to start with tip from my friend Tammie. She told me to have a look at this lovely Meli Imako dress, which you can find on Marketplace. It is just a very sexy dress and it reminded me of Paris :)
The Gallery Gift Shop is celebrating their 2nd Anniversary and they are doing that with a great hunt. First of all: Congratulations Gallery Gift Shop, and thank you, all designers, for the lovely gifts!
And now what you have to do. You have to find pictures of the designers all over the shop. The pictures are mainly goofy ones, so it is fun to take a look at them :)
There are 18 to find and each contains a lovely gift. The hunt runs till August 1st so don't wait too long to hop over and go hunting. At the landing point you can get a list with great hints. However the gallery is not that big and the pictures are not so hard to find, except one :)
And this is what I found there. This great Owly McOwlers necklace is the gift by  Morrigans Closet.
And EyeGasm gives you these great wrist bands if you find their picture.
22769 has a beautiful bag as a gift hidden in their picture and I am wearing a few of the huge pack of tee-shirts by [LND] with the bag. Or is it the other way around? I am not showing you all the tees ladies, as the gift really contains a LOT (also in black). The elegant jeans are by Blackburners and they are free on Marketplace.
Over to UmeBoshi. They have a set of great eyes hidden inside their picture of the hunt. There is a soft blue and a soft green pair as a gift.
And Turun has this great pose as a gift for us hunters.
There are more poses as a gift in this hunt, and these ones are by Flash Friendly. The dress I am wearing is by World Ends Garden and it is also a gift in this hunt. The beautiful bangles are by Lazuri (older group gift, no longer available).
Then I found some awesome make up which is the gift by Zibska! You get no less than 8 colours!
You get another great make up if you find the picture by [#7]. Just look: I look like a lion :)
And these fun shoes are by NuDoLu and all you have to do to get them is find their picture.
I am wearing the NuDoLu shoes with the elegant tattoo which is the gift by Chocolate Atelier. You get tattoos for your legs (even mirrored ones) and for the back of your neck.
I just love the cute tote bag you get if you find the picture by Naminoke. It is just too cute, just look at it...and you just have to find that picture to get it! The sweet hair with hat is by Tameless and it is called  Emily. The hat and the button are colour change. (not free). The cute outfit (pants and sweater) is by Abia Capalini and it is available at the Designer circle for just 85 L$. Also available in green.
Then I found something really crazy: a bone mask. It is the hunt gift by DownDownDown.
And this cute Panda stool with 2 poses is by Half Deer. They put it as a gift inside their picture.
Another stool is this one by JoHaDeZ. This stool has several poses and the blanket is texture change by touch. If you like to have it, just go find that picture!

There are 2 more gifts to go...and both are pictures. The first one is by Alyx Areallo and it is a beautiful oil painting to enjoy! Its yours if you find that picture.
My last find id this picture by Piedra Lubitsch. If you find her picture in this hunt, this price is yours!