Friday, July 12, 2013

Some more Japanese hunting, a new group gift by Ashmoot and the Designer Circle round 58.

Morning readers!
Today some more Japanese hunting. I explained yesterday there is a hunt going on on the Kiyomizu sim. This hunt runs till July 15th and you are looking for a Ninja cat. And before I went there for some more hunting I visited the Designer Circle again. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and there are lovely designs to find. This 58th round runs till July 20th so don't wait too long to hop over and take a look at the current offers! What do you think of this lovely sexy dress by 1 Hundred? It is available at the Designer Circle for 95 L$.
And this great outfit is by Amarelo Manga and the blouse and short are both called Mariah. You can find both at the Designer Circle. The short is 100 L$ and the top is also 100 L$.
If you are wondering where I got the very cute hair with hat I am wearing: that is also available at the Designer Circle. it is by Miss C and it is called Xenia II. You have to pay 100 L$ for the fat pack with all colours (not showing you all). Miss C also has this great hair on offer at the Designer Circle and this hair also comes in a fat pack with a lot of colours. The hair is called Star and you can get the fat pack for 100 L$ (not showing you all colours). The cute bikini I am wearing with this Star hair is by Bellamissimo and it is available at the Designer Circle in a huge fat pack of 9 colours for 90 L$, which is 10 L$ per bikini!
Another Designer you can find at the Designer Circle is Baboom. This lovely blue dress is their offer at the Designer Circle and you can get it for 100 L$. The bangles are included, the necklace and earrings are by Lazuri and the set is called Tres Chic. The set is colour change by touch so you can adjust it to all your outfits.
Last one for today from the Designer Circle is Shine. They have a sexy baby doll dress on offer, which is perfect for summer, and also great as maternity wear! You can find it at the Designer Circle for 89 L$.
Ashmoot has a lovely new group gift at their store and if you are in the group you can get this lovely bikini for free! There is a matching swim short for the guys. The lovely sun hat is included, so are the great bangles.
Over to the Kiyozumi sim. Here is the sign of the CAT hunt that is going on, and you can see the Ninja cat you are looking for. Some are in the shops on the sim, some are in the main stores (landmarks are available at the sim). There are also many lucky boards and gifts on this look around and try your luck!
I went back to the SENS store and grabbed the free stuff there and I was so lucky to get some gifts from their 4 lucky boards too! Look below. The top and skirt are free, so is the blue & white dress. The Badweiser dress is from the lucky board.
Then I found the Cat at Shun's Factory and got this great clock necklace as a gift!
And if you like jewellery go find Kona on the Kiyozumi sim. They have this lovely set as a gift for you, hidden inside the cat in their MAINSTORE!
This lovely top is from the lucky boards at Et Tu ...and there are 3 lucky boards so you have a lot of chance to get a lovely gift. The lovely jewellery is the Tres Chic set by Lazuri. This set is colour change by touch, you can change the stones all at once or separately, and you can change the metal too.
And tis great blue kimono is from Ichigo-Ya and it is 1 L$. There are a few boxes with kimono's on the floor, each for 1 L$. The hair and shoes are included.
This lovely dress is by Pulcino. They are participating in the CAT hunt and if you can locate the cat at their main store you will get this great mesh dress.
The last find for today is this one, by Shiorin. It is their gift in the CAT hunt and if you find that Ninja cat these headphones are yours. You can wear them on your head, but also on your neck.