Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sweet summer dresses PART II

Hi readers !
You didn't think that was all I found, those dresses I blogged yesterday? I found many more so here is part II of the summer dresses parade.
Let me start with a dress we all need: a little black dress. This one is by Gifts Home and it is a perfect little mesh dress. You can style it up with your favourite jewellery, with a jacket or a blouse, with a fur stole, a sexy clutch...depending on your mood. I styled this sweet dress with the lovely Precious Diamonds set by Lazuri. (not free). And with the Delicious shoes by N-Core (not free).

Over to a more colourful dress. This rainbow dress is by Telsiope's Couture and it is available on Marketplace for 1 L$. Can you see yourself wearing this dress going shopping? It will make you smile even on a cloudy day.
The next dress is a colourful one too. This dress is actually an Easter dress, but I simply like it, that is why it is on my blog right now. The dress is called Easter dress and it is by Tempted Tattoos Couture and it is totally free.
And this dress is by American Bazaar and it is perfect on somewhat colder summer days. It is called Clara pink dress and it is free.
Another black dress, this time with beautiful roses on it. It is by Corvus and it is called Rose Vines dress. Totally free on Marketplace ladies and a beautiful little dress to wear to your summer parties or to go clubbing.
The next dress is not black but white and you don't only get a dress, you get 2 short dress options and one gown option! So in daytime you wear the short sexy style and in the evening you can shine in the gown version. It is by Echt Schniddig and the outfit is called Blue spring. 1 L$ for this lovely outfit.
The lovely jewellery set I am wearing is by Real Evil Industries and it is totally free on Marketplace. The set is called Celeste.

I found this next outfit also at the Echt Schniddig Marketplace store. It is called La Femme Summer and it is 1 L$. You get the great soft yellow top and the sexy pants to mix & match.
I kept looking for a beach dress or gown and then I found this one in pink. It is by Melle Melody and it is called Bad Girl Beach Dress. For just 1 L$ it is yours!
And this last find is by Pulse of time. This lovely pink dress is a freebie, and it is just a great little dress to wear! The dress is called Cute and that it is.
OK enough with the dresses. You need some summer SHOES to go with them? Sure...I found a few...
How about these great Bohemian sandals by ZUF? They are free!
Or these cute flats by Wirefly? They are called Princess flattie and they were free, but now they charge 10 L$. However...Wirefly has some FULL PERM flats in their Marketplace store too. You can colour or texture them in EDIT and just make your own.
Last one for today are the fun cow wedges I found on Marketplace. They are by Naofan Teardrop and they are totally free.