Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hair Fair 2013.

Hello Readers,
I went to the Hair Fair 2013 a few days ago and it turns out that almost all designers on this fair have a gift or a 1 L$ gift for the visitors. I picked up some of them (well actually I picked up all I could find) and I am showing you a part of what I got below. You will most likely land on a landing point, just find the store you are looking for.
And please wear LOW LAG items, take off all your scripted items, like jewellery, hair, shoes, clothes, Lola's, poofers or AO. Wear a simple tee-shirt, a hair base and leggings (and NO shoes). Just to avoid causing more lag!
The Hair Fair 2013 runs till July 28th, so don't wait too long!
This first gift is by Hair Studio ONE hair and it is called BAD HAIR DAY!!! Oh I love it, very recognisable ...the pose is included. 1 L$ for this gift.
Then I got these lovely hairstyles at Adoness Hair, 1 L$ for these hairstyles. The top one is called Pythoness, the bottom one Toffsy.
And Damselfly gives you a fat pack of hair tones for free! I am showing you just a few of the hair tones, but you get many more.
Another participant at the Hair Fair is EMOtions. They have this afro hair in black and dark brown as a gift on the Hair Fair 2013.
There is also some awesome coloured hair to get on the Hair Fair 2013. How about this teal hair by Eep? You get it, including the 2 bows for 1 L$.
And this fun hair is by Cheveux. And it is free.
The next ermmm hair? is by Olive. You get this colourful Mohawk for 1 L$ at their store on the Hair Fair 2013.
Another store with great colourful hair is The Stringer Mausoleum. You het a really HUGE pack with many lovely colour options of this great hair as a gift! I am just showing you a few examples.
And this great blue hair, is just for your blue moods. You can find it at the Red Mint store on the Hair Fair 2013 for 1 L$.
The next hair is also 1 L$ and it is the gift you can find at Heroin.
Another great gift are the 2 hairstyles you get at Ayashi. You get a great red one and a tough looking brown one. Come to think of it...the brown one might be a male one?
Over to another great hairdo. I love hair that is standing out. And I love to wear gowns. This hair will go GREAT with any gown and I am sure you will be the star of the ball. The hair is called Hourglass and it is by LD.
And this hair is called Matey hair. It is by [Gauze] and the hat and hair jewel are included. It is a gift.
Another hair-with-hat is this one by [INK]. It is totally free and it is just a fun  hairstyle to have in your inventory!
LaLa Moon has some great long hair as aa gift but it is hidden well. You have to find the Lego block which is for sale for 0 L$...and then this awesome hair is yours.
The last one for today is actually the hair I love most. It is a simple lovely up do in many hair tones, as it is a colour sample by LOQ hair. I am showing you just a few examples, ALL colours LOQ has are inside the package.
The lovely earrings are by Modern Couture available till July 20th at the Designer Circle in a pack of 3 colours for just 100 L$.