Monday, July 15, 2013

I love Bizarre hair, and I love the Designer Circle, and I love SALES!

Ooops this is going to be a blog with a lot of pictures today. Why? Because there is a major sale going on in one of my favourite shops: Seldom Blue. And I was on the Hair Fair 2013 again at Bizarre Hair. Boy do I love this hair! And I love the Designer Circle because they have such great low priced offers. I want to blog them all today and I am going to start with Bizarre Hair. The Hair Fair 2013 is running till July 28th so you still have plenty of time to go there and find some awesome hair. Why not go to Bizarre Hair? They have some really special hair, like this one, which is called The Dragon and it is on offer at the Hair Fair for just 1 L$. You get a huge fat pack ladies. And if you do not want to go to the Hair Fair, here is the link to Bizarre Hair Main store.
Bizarre Hair also has a super hair dryer as a gift at the Hair Fair ladies with cute animations.
The rest of the Bizarre Hair is NOT free, but it is great hair! You can find Chandelier Hair on the Hair Fair. This great hair come sin many colours and with several options. I had however some difficulties with my viewer, so the flames were not visible on my screen (nor on the pictures). Besides there is a set of matching jewellery available too, which didn't show on my viewer either. Sorry!

Bizarre Hair also has this fun Musica Hair on the Hair Fair 2013. There is a set of matching jewellery too. (NOT free)
Or this great Emotion hair, which has an extra option for shedding water ( or are they tears?). You can also add bangs or leave them off. There is a matching jewellery set available too by Bizarre Hair. (NOT free)
Or this super Roots hair, which you can wear with or without the wooden bangs. And again: there is a matching jewellery set available too (NOT free)
Last one by Bizarre Hair is this great Eagle of Spells hair. I just love this hair, it is special and draws attention, so only for the daring amongst us I would day. There is a complete set of matching clothes, jewellery and boots available too! WOW....
Over to the GREAT sale at Seldom Blue. They have lovely lingerie, but also cute dresses or elegant gowns and ALL are marked down to 1 L$, 10 L$, 15 L$. ....WOW can you believe that? Come on what is keeping you here? Go shopping!
The marked down items are marked with a GOLD STAR so they are easy to find. After the sale is over they will be deleted from the store. The sale will go on for at least a month!!! YAY !!!
Then I went back to the Designer Circle. This 58th round of the Designer Circle runs till July 20th so don't wait too long to grab those great offers because they will change soon!
Let me first correct something: I blogged the Surrogates shape Zoey before HERE. It is on offer at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ BUT there is a set of lovely eyes included too. I didn't blog them, but here they are:
At the moment there is still a great fat pack of bikinis on offer by Bellamissimo. You get a lot of colours to chose from and you only have to pay 90 L$ for all 9 colours at the Designer Circle. (not showing you all colours).
Double Divas has some great offers at the Designer Circle too! They have this great Diva dress outfit in 4 colours on offer for 99 L$ per colour. You can wear it with or without the garter. Lola tango appliers are included.
 And this is also my last find for today!