Friday, July 26, 2013

Sascha's Design, a great group gift by Finesmith and the last time HAIR FAIR 2013.

Hi readers!
Sascha's Design has some awesome new 60 L$ offers ladies and besides that, they also have a great gown offer each week. Each week one of their best selling gowns is marked down 50% and this week it is the lovely La Seine in pink. A great gown with many options and just very elegant! This week available for only 300 L$!
The 60 L$ offers are the Oompa (salsa) dress in red, and the lovely Karin in blue. All available at Sascha's Design ladies.
Then Finesmith has a great new group gift for their members. This lovely Dana dress is hidden inside a big white shopping bag near the group gifts. I styled it with the lovely Tres Chic jewellery set by Lazuri (not free, but it is a colour change set, so adjustable to all your outfits).
Today is the last post about the Hair Fair 2013. Why? Because it ends on July 28th. So you just have little time left to grab the free or 1 L$ gifts I am showing you today!
Let me start with Tameless. As you all might have seen I am wearing Tameless hair quite a lot on my blog. Tameless is also participating in the Hair Fair 2013 and they have this lovely gift for you if you can find their shop on the Hair Fair. The hair is called Dori and you get a fat pack. The hair pin in colour change.
Another store which has great hair is ChiChickie. They have a lovely up do as a gift on the Hair Fair 2013, and it comes with a lovely detachable hair pin too. The hair comes in many colours and it looks nice with simple jeans and tops but also with a lovely gown. The hair is called Jia.
There are some more lovely gifts at the Hair Fair, like this hair by Iconic. It is simply great hair and it is called Freedom hair. As you can see you get many hair tones and the hair band is colour and texture change. But that's not all! Iconic also has a pack great hair called Bombshell. You get a pack of 4 colours but the colours each come with a hud so you can change the tones in lighter or darker. And you can change the colour and texture of the hair band too.
Over to Analog Dog. They have a pack of great brown hair as a gift on the Hair Fair 2013 ladies. The hair is called Mono and you get the light brown versions.
And this lovely hair is called Dear Heart and it is by Clawtooth. It is just 1 L$ and you get all three great tones.
Another designer participating in the Hair Fair is Alice Project. You get quite something spectacular as a gift there. It is called Create your own, and that is exactly what you have to do: create your own hair. As you can see it is obvious why I am NOT a hair designer....The hair is pre made, you just add a tone or a texture or both and then save it.
The next hair is actually a colour sample and it is by Lamb. You get all thinkable colours, so it is a huge pack. I am wearing the lovely tops by Auxillary with the hair and these tops are also a gift at the Hair Fair.
I also went to Sparkle Skye to find out that their 1 L$ gift is very hard to buy and even harder to see when you are unpacking! But I managed finally to unpack (used highlight transparent to see it) and I found these great tops with and without ruffles inside!
The cute hair is a gift by Calico Ingmann Creations at the Hair fair and it is called Kennedy hair. You get a lot of hair tones.
I also found some quite colourful hair a the Hair Fair. What about this great pink hair, which is a gift by Due Ann.
Or you can get this colourful hair at Rosy Mood. You get 3 crazy tones and it is simply fun to wear! 1 L$ for this hair.
My last find is by far not the least! This Forrest  Flower hair is by L + N and it is 1 L$. It is crazy hair and heads will turn when you are wearing this hair, but isn't that just part of the fun?