Friday, July 19, 2013

A SALE at WoW skins, some hair and some hot stuff

Good morning readers,
There is a huge sale going on at WoW Skins and as you can see below you get a large discount (30 - 70 %!) on many skins till July 31st. So hop over if you like to get a new skin and look around! 
If you are a WoW skin group member (enrolment fee 200 L$) you can click their Midnight Mania boards too. And if they close you get 2 complete avatars ladies! Wow what a gift! The skin, eyes, shape, lashes, make up versions, jewellery and clothes are included. With the Mystere avatar even the boots are included. With the Sahar avatar you get a whole wardrobe but no shoes. The hair is NOT included, this is hair by Tameless and you can get it at the Hair Fair 2013. The hair is called Peony and it comes in a lot of great hair tones.
 And from their (group) lucky boards  at WoW skins I got the lip-glosses and skins and shapes below. The boards change often so when you give it a try there might be other skins you can win. From the Sophia skin I got a complete fat pack in two skin tones.

Then WoW skins has a brand new release called Rosa. This skin is a lovely one and comes in all the regular skin tones. I am showing you the MILK tone and also the Rosa shape. The skin is not free, but very affordable.
To wear with these lovely skins you could decide to hop over to Allusions. Allusions has a new set of great lashes. Actually they look like my RL lashes after I put mascara on, so I love to wear them. They are just 75 L$ and you can find them in the small cosmetic shop, right beside the entrance! The hair is from the Hair Fair 2013 and it is a colour sample set by LoQ. Just buy the colour samples and you get this great up do an ALL thinkable colours.
Over to Al Vulo. They have this great gift for their group members. The skin is called Arya.
This skin would go GREAT with the new hair Aidoru has released. This hair is based on the hair styles of the Navajo tribe. It is not free, but it is gorgeous hair! The feather hair pieces are so well made and they just look like old tribe hair pieces.
And Modish has this gift for group members! The skin comes in 2 skin tones and with or without cleavage.
The last item for today are 2 great new releases by Hot Stuff. The first outfit is called Luna and I am wearing hair by Milana with this outfit. The other outfit is called Be Naughty ...and I am wearing the same hair with this outfit. Both outfits are new releases so NOT free!