Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Going for that tough look?

Hi readers,
Today I am going for a more tough look. Not really my style you think? Well...take a look and decide after if it suits me :) I stood a while at AnD and they have quite a lot of lucky chairs and they also have a Guess and win board with question marks, where you can win some fab prices. Look below what I got there is just a short time! Everything is included, shoes, boots, and jewellery!

I got one more, Magical Glitter, from the guess and win boards. However I think there is an Alpha layer missing for the shoes. Decide for yourself, I took a picture of the actual photo too.

I also went to Starport Omega. Which is a great place to be ladies! It is a great Space ship, very well build. And it has a club inside to dance and just meet new people and have fun. But that has not much to do with my blog :) However they have a great complete avatar, with 3 hair tones, clothes, skin & shape. Even the shoes are included. This avatar is called Hippie Chick and it is free.
My last find are some awesome booties I found on Marketplace. They are called Vanessa boots and they are by Paint on Marketplace. You have to pay 1 L$ to won these booties.