Saturday, July 6, 2013

Are you feeling lucky today?

Morning readers on this lovely Saturday.
Today you will find some group gifts on my blog, some lucky chair items and some Japanese hunting. So a little bit of everything and I hope you are feeling lucky with the lucky chairs and the Japanese hunt.
But let me start...with the hunt on the Kiyomizo sim. This is a Japanese sim with many little shops. Most have lucky boards inside, or some gifts or 1 L$ offers. Besides those gifts there is a hunt going on on the sim till July 15th. You are looking for a Ninja cat with green eyes. Some are in the shops at the Kiyomizu Sim but some are in the main stores (landmarks are available at the shops).
I found some awesome kimono's there for just 1 L$. They are on the floor at the Ichigo Ya store. There are a few more, just showing you two.
And I found the cat below at the Milky Way store, and inside was this great top.

Then I found this very cute shoulder pet at Contac Kun. It is from their lucky board.
And the last find for today are these beautiful eyes at the FOP store. The box is on the floor and for sale for 0 L$.
Back to group gifts ladies. These great summer dresses are the group gift by !Soul. Joining the group is not free, but I do remember the enrolment fee is very low.
Kastle Rock also has a great group gift and they have some awesome gifts in their lucky chairs! Look below what I got there! Don't forget to click their mini mania boards or the Midnight mania boards! the top gown is from the lucky chair. The sweet short baby doll is their newest group gift.
Another store with a great group gift is The White Armory. They have this elegant gown for us ladies as a gift.
And this beauty is the group gift by Liv Glam. They have many group gifts, I blogged them before HERE, but this elegant pink gown is their latest one.
The last group gift for today is by Gizza and they have a lovely summer gown as a gift for their group members. And if you are wondering why I am in Bermuda's with a tee-shirt...well that is their MALE gift to group members....