Sunday, July 7, 2013

Some skins, some shoes, some gowns and some 4th of July...

Hello readers,
To my surprise I got some more 4th of July gifts and new releases. I am still putting them on my blog, maybe for next year? And there are a few more skins I want to show you. And some finds from Marketplace. So something for everyone I guess.
Anyway...22769 has these 2 great 4th of July dresses at Flux. This is what they write about it: Flux is back! The monthly themed event openes its doors today and the theme for this month is Americana. So we crafted these two beach dresses and of course the unisex headphones in stars and stripes :-D
And here are the dresses and the headphones: (bangles are NOT included, they are an older gift by Baby Monkey).
Over to Artistry by E. They send out these 2 great gifts in their group. Joining the group is very expensive (I think the enrolment fee is 1000 L$) but you get many gifts (mainly jewellery). The landmark will land you in an entry way, take the teleport to the store from there.
Then I got 2 lovely presents from the lucky chairs at Kastle Rock. I blogged their lucky chairs and mini mania yesterday and this is what was inside the Midnight Mania boards there.
Over to some great skins you can wear with these new outfits. How about the newest release by Hot Stuff? These skins are called Lisa and as they are a new release they are NOT free.
If you are in the WoW group (joining is 200 L$) you will get this great skin as it is their July group gift. There is a huge box with all previous group gifts available and you will have so many skins that it will be hard to chose which one to wear!
Then again the lovely Aprille skin by JeSyLiLo is free for group members.
Or you can go for the lovely group gift by Al Vulo, this skin is called Aisha.
And then I went back to Marketplace. Just to find a few elegant gowns for summer. I couldn't resist the lovely red gown Badoura has on offer on Marketplace. It is just 1 L$ ladies and the lovely necklace I found at Kosh is also 1 L$.
And this lovely gown is by House of Gaga. You can find it on Marketplace for 2 l$. There are sweet soft blue flowers on it...perfect for summer.
The next gown is called Summer Breeze and it is by Bittersweet. You can find it on Marketplace for 1 L$. The lovely hat is called Amalia and it is 1 L$. The great bag is by Sunberry and you get a dark and a light version for free.
Then I thought: what is missing on this blog? SHOES of course! So I went to Desli. They have these 2 lovely group gifts in their store and joining the group is free.