Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Are you Seldom Blue? Go get some Alli & Ali Design hair!

Hello readers!
As you might have read on my blog Seldom Blue is having a major sale! Outfits fir 0 L$ or 1 L$ or 5 L$ or 10 L$ are marked with a gold star at their store. The sale will go on for a month at least so you have plenty of time to go over there and take a look at what you want. I am showing you a few things below that are free.

I also found some great hair at Alli & Ali Design, in their main store but also on Marketplace!

But let me start with Seldom Blue. Like I said I just picked up the 0 L$ items, but there is so much marked down that you really should hop over and see for yourself! There are also 4 lucky chairs, from which I got 2 outfits.
The 2 below are form the lucky chairs. The lovely hair is Ronnie by Tameless (not free).
And the rest are 0 L$ items.
Then Alli & Ali Design Hair. They have some awesome group and voting gifts at their Main store and these change each week! They change on Fridays ladies at noon, so don't wait too long to go get the hair you like! Also: if you are in the Alli & Ali group, you get a 50% discount at their ACTION wall, IF you are wearing your group tag while buying the hair!
Here are the new group and voting gifts:

And here are their Marketplace offers (free): (the names are links to the Marketplace store).
And Alli & Ali Design also are participating in the HAIR FAIR 2013! They have an awesome gift in their stand on the Hair Fair, with no less than 20 (yes you read that right TWENTY) free hairstyles in the shown hair tones!
The lovely jewellery is the EDA set by Lazuri (not free). This set is colour change by touch so you can adjust it to all your outfits!