Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hair Fair Gifts

Hi Readers,
Today just a last visit to the Hair Fair 2013. This fair runs till July 28th so you still have a few days to pick up one of the free gifts or the dollarbies (1 L$) most designers have as a gift for the visitors. But if you decide to go there PLEASE take off all scripted items, like shoes, hair, jewellery, AO, poofers, weapons Lola Tango's or any other scripted item. You will look strange, wearing just a hair base, bare feet, a simple tee, and leggings. But at least you will be able to move and things will rez faster for you!

So here goes..the last gifts..This great hair below is on offer for just 1 L$ at Calico Ingmann Creations on the Hair Fair 2013. You get a few huds with this hair, amongst them is a streak hud. So you can make the hair look very personal and lively by using these huds. And you get so many hair tones that I can't show them all! (the last hair is called Kennedy and the one below Silva).
The next hair is again the Kennedy hair above, but with the gifts you can get at Tram. A lovely hair bow and a hair pin, both with a hud to change the colours. Not showing you all possibilities.
And Slink gives you a lovely Tiara for just 1 L$ and that includes the hud to change the colour of the stone in the tiara!
Over to Ploom. They have 3 lovely poses as a gift on the Hair Fair 2013!
Another designer that gives you poses is Pritty. They give you 5 lovely poses.
And this great rasta hair is the gift at Discord Design. You have to pay 1 L$ for the hair . The lovely earrings are by Faenzo and they are free. You get several options in stones and metal.
Over to something different. Zibska gives you a huge pack with facial make-up or tattoos, depending on how you see it. I am showing you just a few options, the pack is really filled with a lot. 1 L$ for this pack with mainly pink make up. The hair I am wearing is by Vanity  and it is actually a colour sampler, but you can wear it very well! 1 L$ for this fat pack of hair. And the great mesh shirt is by XPlosion and it is free on the Hair Fair 2013.
The last one for today is by Mystic Tiger. What else would you get there...as this great Tiger outfit with black or white trim?
THANK YOU ALL DESIGNERS AT THE HAIR FAIR for the lovely gifts and the beautiful hair you design.