Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blissful sounds, Designer Circle #58, ~GL~shop boots and Baby Monkey shoes

Morning readers on this lovely summer day!
Today I am going to start with some awesome outfits by Totally RandomTotally Random has released a lovely new outfit in several great summer colours. This set is called Shades of summer and you get this boho outfit including a lovely hair flower and sunglasses with flowers on them!
These outfits are just 249 L$ and one is marked down to 199 L$. You can also find them in 6 lovely colours on MARKETPLACE.
They also have GREAT maternity wear.
Then the 58th Designer Circle has started. My regular readers will know that nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and they also know that a lot of great Second Life Designers offer one or more of their great designs there! This round runs till July 20th so you have a little time to go and have a look at the newest offers. But don't wait too long, after July 20th the offers change again!
The first outfit I found there is this lovely elegant gown in red by Kanou. The gown is called Rebecca and it is available at the Designer Cirlce for just 80 L$.
The lovely pearls are by Lazuri. There is a free set on Marketplace and at the store (short necklace, earrings, bracelets) and the long version is available at the store. The pearls are colour change by touch.
Kanou has another great outfit on offer at the Designer Circle ladies. This one is called Ciara red. The cute hair is Violetta by Exile (not free).
Another store participating in the Designer Circle is Wertina and they also have a lovely gown at the Designer Circle. This elegant gown is available in 2 colours and it is 90 L$. I am showing you the GOLD version. The shoes are by N-Core and they are called Delicious (not free).
And this sweet dress is by Masoom and you can find it at the Designer Circle ladies for 65 L$. The dress is called Kashmala and it come sin 2 colours. As you can see I am wearing the classic pearl set by Lazuri also with this gown, but I colour changed it to fit the outfit.
My last find for today from the Designer Circle is by Blah BLAH blah. They have 2 great offers at the Designer Circle, a top and a dress. Both come in 2 designs. The dress and top are called Bethany and each set is 99 L$ but you get BOTH textures in one buy.
Over to ~GL~shop. My friend Gaea has some awesome boots for you all ladies. But not at her can find them on the Gacha Festival...and each try is just 50 L$!

Then I stood at the lucky chairs at Baby Monkey for a while. First I picked up their great new group gift:  the Ultimate Chica booties. I love them for summer and you get the fat pack with ALL colours! And you can play around by colouring the bow and shoes differently.
Joining the group was free last weekend, but now you have to pay the full enrolment fee again...which is totally worth it!
And from their lucky chairs I got these lovely shoes, the Ultimate Lily.
And the Ultimate Dakota.
And the Ultimate New Vegas.