Wednesday, July 24, 2013

22769, a Bliss gown with Finesmith jewellery, and the Designer Circle round #59.

Morning readers,
Today a not so free blog, as you can see. But what I am showing is low priced, so maybe there is still something you want to have a look at.
Let me start with 22769. They have a great offer at the Gallery Gift shop this time (like all previous times). You can find the lovely Eiko dress there, in black or champagne. The Gallery Gift Shop is also celebrating their 2nd anniversary with a  hunt, which items I will show you in a later blog. But first the lovely dresses 22769 has there. The lace is very delicate and beautiful applied on this dress. I love them both, they just ooze elegance!
If you are wondering where I got that very cute bag I am wearing with these dresses: it is also by 22769 but this item you can find at L'Accessoires and it is called Veronica handbag. 
The Liaison Collaborative has the perfect summer theme: Safari. 22769 is participating in this collaborative and they have some awesome safari outfits there! How about the lovely Safari dress in several colours, or the elegant top & skirt set, also available in several colours? The lovely matching bangles are also available.
Over to The Designer Circle. Lots of great designers participate in this Designer Circle and they offer one or more of their great designs there for 100 L$ max. I always like to go there and get some great design for a very low price! But don't wait too long, this round runs till August 3rd.
And this is what I found there today. Blink2Wink has some awesome Boho gowns there called Maxi Outfit. They come in 4 great colours and you can find them for 100 L$ each at the Designer Circle. With these elegant gowns I am wearing hair I found at the Designer Circle too, and this hair is by Modern Couture. The hair is called Leona and you get 4 hair tones for 100 L$. Modern Couture also has a great set of 2 pairs of earrings at the Designer Circle and the earrings are also 100 L$ per 2 pairs).
You know what would be great to wear with these lovely gowns? The awesome slide on wedges Hollyhood has on offer for 99 L$ at the Designer Circle. They come in white and are called Bianca, but Hollyhood is also offering a pair of black sandals at the Designer Circle, also for 99 L$. These ones are called Dominatrix.
Over to my last 2 finds. We all know Bliss Couture is closing and they are having a closing sale. I am sad to see them go as I have been a customer there forever. But what I didn't know is that they are giving out some great gifts too. This lovely gown is their newest gift and it is called Member Appreciation gown. It is free for group members.
Another store that gives out great group gifts is Finesmith jewellery. I missed a few gifts and I have been showing them before, but I missed these two too! The elegant one is the New Years gift, the other one is a male gift called Mechanic. The elegant New Year jewellery set would go great with the Bliss gown!