Saturday, October 6, 2012

YES she is back

Finally after a long period of no blog at all I managed to make a new one, even though I just got back.
So today it won't be a blog like usual, I simply didn't have enough time to find you all great freebies, unpack them, wear them, take pictures, then go to Photoshop to adjust and compose them and make a perfect blog with those pictures. 
So today an easy blog...but believe me I will get back to my usual style soon enough :0)
Today I will start with a lovely free outfit called Hallo Weeno by Sascha's Design. It is totally free for everyone (no group needed, so TP all your friends over). The boots are not included, they are by Bax Coen and not free.
The skin I am wearing is the Mei skin by WoW skins. It is a new release and I am wearing the milk tone.
The lovely hair I am wearing with the next skins is a new release by Tameless. Nita released 2 great new hairstyles and as usual the newly released styles are 199 L$ for one color pack (you get 4 tones) or 799 L$ for all colors. The hairs are called Maya and Beatrice and they are also available for petites.

Skins always make me happy and I found so many great ones that I want to share with you. Let me start with the fabulous Halloween skin by WoW skins. They have this great skin for just 99 L$ at their store. It comes with 2 cleavage options and a brow shaper.
My dear friend Luzie Cheng told me about Cupcakes and their free skins. They are soooo great ladies that I couldn't resist them There are 2 skins at the store, called Kate and Nora and from each skintone there is one free package. You just have to find out which one is free! Let me show you what I got. The skins come with 2 cleavage options and with 3 colors of eyebrows (blond, brown and red). And you get a lot of extra make ups and a matching shape. Thanks Luzie !!

Then I found this great new group gift at KooQlay skins. The skins cone in 2 make up styles and you get an extra blue lipstick layer too. Joining the group is free.
Over to the Designer Circle. I have blogged them many times before but I will explain what the Designer Circle is for those readers who are here for the first time. A lot of great designers put one or more of their designs up at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ or less. It is a great way to get to know the designer and to get some great designs in your inventory for a very low price! BeautyCode has this lovely skin in 2 styles at the Designer Circle ladies for just 99 L$. The skin is called Brianna and the skin tone is fawn.
And you can find some more goodies at the Designer Circle. How about this great necklace by Pink Cherry? It is called Fall Pearl necklace and you can find it at the Designer Circle.
Pink Cherry also has some great dresses (mesh) at the Designer Circle. They are called Short sleeves coat dress and you can get this dress in pionk or grey at the Designer Circle.

Last one for today: these lovely Chica boots are a new release by Aidoru. They are perfect to wear with the dresses above or with your favorite jeans! Go get them ladies!
And Felicity shoes has released some GREAT new stiletto's called Jessica. They come in many colors (just showing you a few) and you can change the nail polish and skintone with an easy to use hud. NEW release, so NOT free, but Felicity has some great group gifts at the store too (I have blogged those before).