Sunday, October 14, 2012


OK I agree, not the most inspiring title today, but I am still suffering from the flu and not really feeling right. So my brain works only partly as you can understand. I didn't feel like staying in bed all day, so I am trying to get my blog ready before my body cries GO BACK TO BED!
I am just going to put things on my blog that make me happy: skins, jewelry, hair, ermmm...well actually everything makes me happy :)
Let me start with the lovely new jewelry Dirty.Little.Secret has brought out. It is called Cabochon jewelry and Tash made some lovely sets. The gems come in many colors, just showing you a few examples.

Over to some lovely gowns to wear with these beautyful jewelry sets! I got the gowns below from the lucky chairs at Kastle Rock !
SLC has some great 60 L$ offers this weekend ladies. 2 great MESH dresses, called Candy and Rhisa. The Rhisa dress comes with the boots and jewelry. Candy comes with the lovely lace nylons. SLC also has a very sexy knotted shirt in silk for just 60 L$ but ONLY this weekend! (jeans not included)

The great shoes I am wearing with the SLC knotted shirt are by Choooz and they were send out in their subscribo group.
If you are like me you want new hair with every new outfit, so I will show you a few great (free) hairstyles. The first one is the newest group gift by Hinako hair.
And Alli & Ali hair have changed their group and voting gifts at the MAINSTORE. They change these gifts every Friday so don't wait too long to get them, if you want them! And don't forget that if you are a group member you will get a 50% discount at the Alli & Ali ACTIONWALL if you are wearing your group tag.
Alli & Ali hair also have a few great free hairstyles in their MARKETPLACE store. The names are linked to Marketplace. These offers are also for a limited time, again: don't wait too long or they will be gone.
And ofcourse you want a new skin too. How about the newest releases by Aeva/Heartsick? They have 2 great new skins called Halo and Selene. The skins come in many skintones and with lots of make-ups. I am showing you the Halo skin, in a pale skintone (because that looks the best on my avatar and pics) with all make-ups, teeth option and shape. Below the Halo skin you will see the Selene skin with all make-up options. (NOT free)

And this lovely skin is by Yoon. My friend Ann Krokus tols me about their lucky chairs and Midnight Mania board so I couldn't resist. Thanks Ann, the skin is lovely and I also was so lucky to win a great shoulder tattoo, both from their lucky chairs.