Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween is coming

Today some more hair ladies, some Halloween outfits, some great 60 L$ offers too and I think one or two new releases. So a little bit of everything. I always wonder if my readers would like to see more new releases, more freebies, more hunt stuff...or if the mix is just right for you all? And do you like my regular pics, or would you prefer the ones  with a background?
And I wonder: if you are a regular reader, would you mind joining as a follower? You won't get any spam mails or anything, it just looks great if I have a lot of followers :) I know I have a lot of readers every ...
OK enough with the talking. I can hear a sigh of relief from you all and I know you are thinking: well come on, put the pictures on the blog already! So here goes.
Let me start with Cilian'gel. They are participating in the Dirty Little Secret hunt (no NOT from the Dirty.Little.Secret STORE). You can find all info HERE, links and hints too. And if you find the hunt item at Cilian'gel you will get this great Got Follies dress or the (male) uoutfit: a sexy shirt, blindfold and a croissant...(1 L$ for the hunt item).
Cute shoes by Baby Monkey (Audrey shoes) and the hair is Anita by Tameless (both not free).

Over to SLC (Serina Lacava Creations). Serina has some lovely 60 L$ offers this weekend only so you have to be fast to get it. You can get this very elegant Drawstring Chrochet dress in many colors or the great trench coat, which also comes in many colors! Each for just 60 L$.

Then I went to Baboom to get their Halloween is quite a gift, thank you so much Kyra ! The gown is called Devils Daughter.
The next stop was Calico Ingmann Creations again. I forgot (shame on me) to blog the rest of their Pumpkin hunt items!  I blogged all the Calico hair, but O.M.E.N. has some gifts too, so does Tribute. Both stores are on the CiC sim and you have to find their pumpkins to get the great antlers or the Just Bitten skin, voodoo eyes, death mask and the matching shape.

The next hunt item in the Calico Pumpkin hunt is by {Phosphenes} and I think it is actually for guys...but I am not complaining :)
OK done that, so now over to the lovely new group and voting gifts Alli & Ali hair have changed on Friday. Every friday there will be new gifts so if you want these you have to TP to Alli & Ali hair mainstore before next Friday ladies!

Alli & Ali hair also have a great ACTION WALL where group members get a 50 % discount when wearing their group tag. And they also have some great dollarbies (1 L$) in their Marketplace store! The names of the hairs are linked to Marketplace. These offers are also valid for a limited time !
Gloria. (also for petites)
Last one for today is the free hair I found at L + N. They have these 2 great hairdo's in many colors for free :)