Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The usual mix

Hello dear readers. Today my blog will be a mix which ranges from summer swimwear to Halloween outfits. And from lovely jewelry to a great new release. Curious? Well keep on reading and I hope there will be something you like on my blog. So today I am going to start with a lovely new release by Sascha's Design. She has released the Diana in pink, olive and turquoise. Diana is a lovely set to mix and match. Actually 2 sets, one comes with 2 ponchos and pants, the other set comes with a beautiful jacket and skirts and both have a belt. Each set is just 229 L$. At Sascha's Design ladies.

To wear some lovely jewelry with this elegant Diana outfit you can decide to join the Artistry by E group. The enrollment fee is 1000 L$ (yes I had to hold my breath too). I blogged their freebies yesterday and today the designer/owner has put a LOT of jewelry in the store for just 5 L$ for group members only. She also send out a 250 L$ gift certificate and I got the lovely Silvia for it (top picture). The pictures below Silvia are a few examples from the 5 L$ group members offers.

Or you can hop over to Lazuri and get their lovely new group gift: beautiful rings.
Then I got this great beach set by NS. It is a new release and you can grab it for just 99 L$. It includes the flip flops, the bag, the glasses and the jewelry.
Over to a lovely Halloween dress. It is the newest group gift by Cilian'gel and you can wear it in many great ways. There are also a lot of older group gifts available at the Wintervillage store. The outfit is called Got a Web? And the enrollment fee for the group is 5 L$.

To wear with this lovely Halloween outfit you can grab those great skull earrings at Dirty.Little.Secret. They are free.
And Glitterati by Sapphire also has a GREAT Halloween gown for just 199 L$. The lovely face tattoo is included and you get many skirt options.

Then I gound these lovely free gowns at G Field. They are totally free and the lovely chokers are included. The fun orange dress is also a freebie at G Field ladies.


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