Monday, October 29, 2012

More Halloween, new hair, new booties and lovely jewelry

It doesn't seem I can escape Halloween ladies and because I can't escape it, YOU can't either. Becasue I am going to show you some more Halloween get out your most scary make up and put on some scary music to get in the mood and get your teleport finger ready for your first trip to Bliss Couture. They have this great bat gown for their group members this go get it, perfect for your Halloween party!
If you want something else...something more arachnafobic...EMOtions has this great spiderweb gown as a gift for their group members at the store. The scary spiderweb hair is included.
And to my surprise Cameron Vasilov from Beautiful Dirty Rich is BACK ! I missed her dearly as she always had great designs in the past. Welcome back after a 5 months break, you have been missed! She comes back with a bang: no less than 5 great Halloween outfits (mesh) for just 99 L$ each! Demos are available at the store. Shoes & boots and hats are included.

I blogged the Candy Hunter by Dresscode before, but they have many more free Halloween outfits in their Marketplace store! The cute hats are included.

If you are wondering which hair I am wearing: It is the newest release by Tameless hair. The hair is called Abigail and Tameless always has a special offer in the first week of release. You can get a pack of one tone (4 colors) for 199 L$ or the fatpack with all colors for just 795 L$!
And this cute hair is from the lucky boards at D!va. It takes a bit of patience and a lot of friends which you can TP in if their letter is on the boards. But in the end you will have this great hair, so it is worth the wait.
Then Nani from NS Design told me she has some great offers on Marketplace too. You can get these great flat heeled boots for just 50 L$ per pair! And the lovely coat (mesh) is also just 50 L$. You can find the PINK BOOTs, the SALMON BOOTS, the BLUE BOOTS and the COAT here.

The next lovely outfits are by Viviane Fashion and they are their new release (NOT free). Great simple skirts and lovely elegant tops :)  the lovely coat above and the sweet boots will go great with these outfits!
Another new release are these beautiful cross necklaces by Bens Beauty. Actually it is ONE necklace which is color change. Great to wear at Halloween ladies.
Last one for today is the newest group gift by Virtual Impressions: a lovely charm bracelet.