Friday, October 26, 2012

Under the silver moon...thinking about my hairdo...

I am standing under the silver moon in the newest group gift by Sascha's Design. A lovely elegant November gown with a very cute skirt, called FrubbelDubbel and with TWO different tops. Thinking about the ballroom I am going to, dancing under the moon and stars, dancing the night away. This gown is free for group members, joining is 50 L$ (but you get about 50 previous monthly gowns for free, so it is well spend). To go with this monthly gown you can buy extra skirts for just 75 L$ each to create a whole new gown or dress.
The lovely hair is a subscribo gift by Exile. The lovely jewelry is Noor by Lazuri.

While I was at Sascha's Design I took a look at their newest 60 L$ offers. They have 2 new ones each week and this week it is a lovely (mesh) lace blouse in white (jeans not included) and a great Halloween dress in black, called Precious (the funny ears are included).
The elegant jewelry is the Noor set by Lazuri (not free, but color change so you can adjust it to all your outfits). Thi lovely hair is by Tameless (not free).

I got some more lovely gowns at Kastle Rock Couture. They have a lovely dark blue gown as a price in their Midnight Mania board, and they have lots of mini mania boards and I was lucky twice :). Jewelry is Shahi by Lazuri, hair by Tameless.

Then I got this great dressy by G&N for free :) I love it is a mesh dress though so you need a mesh viewer to see it. Shoes are included.
Over to something completely different. Aidoru has released some GREAT new boots. Also mesh, so again: a mesh viewer is needed to see them. But they are great. I love the pink ones (called Kyoot Pinkette boots) , I love the Chica ghepard ones too...oh boy that was a hard choice...what to wear with the lovely new coat by NS design? Finally I decided to wear the Chica HOT Ghepard boots ....the NS design coat is just 50 L$ and perfect for those colder days.

And Jara, the owner/designer of Aidoru, gave me a sneak preview of some really very nice boots she is working on! WOW  I love them. I can see myself wearing them all winter with my fav jeans...NOT OUT yet ladies but I will keep you posted.
Aidoru also has a HUNT going on at their store. You have to look for 14 pumpkins and there are 14 gifts inside them to find. They range from leg warmers, to face attoos, regular tattoos, piercings and make up layers. I am just showing you three...the rest you have to find out...good luck hunting :)

Over to Hinako. They are participating in a Halloween Cart sale at The Beach and you can get this great mesh dress there for just 10 L$ or the great leg warmers for 50 L$. The leg warmers are from a Gatcha and they are transfer, so you can swap them with your friends or just send them as a present. There are many different ones.
Hair...oh yes...I was thinking about my hair standing under that silver moon. I was thinking if I should wear one of the lovely hairdos I got from the lucky boards at Alice Project. I was extremely lucky and got quite a few different ones!

I also got the lovely hair from the Alice project Midnight Mania board...The hair has light and dark tip options and there are also several streak options.