Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween !! (but only two Halloween items on this blog!)

Finally Halloween has arrived and I have just two Halloween items to show you today. So I hope you did your shopping already! Yesterday I showed you the gifts by Lazuri, a lovely set of rings and earrings. And I used the picture taken by Lazuri to show you the necklace. Ther necklace is for sale for just 49 L$. Zuri was so very kind to give me the necklace so now I can show you the whole set on my avatar :) Thank you so much Zuri !
This lovely dress is a 1 L$ gift at Sascha's Design. It is called Halloween 2012 and it is a fun dress to wear. I paired it with the lovely Queen of Hearts set by Lazuri (on sale for just 150 L$ and the gems are color change) and the newest group gift shoes by Baby Monkey (blogged below).

Then Nani from NS design gave me this GREAT top. I was stunned, she thanked all her bloggers with this great top. I will wear it with pride Nani, thank you!
Over to my other finds. First of all the lolvely designs by Pink Cherry. They cam be found at the Designer Circle ladies and these lovely dresses are just 95 L$ each! The beautiful silver bangles are also available at the Designer Circle and they are 66 L$ for both. There are 2 great ruffled dresses for sale, one in black and one in purple. And there are 2 casual Rhianna outfits, one in black and one in red.

This beautiful necklace, bracelet and earrings set is by M's Avon and it is called Hana. The metal and gems are color change so you can adjust it to every outfit you like to wear! 150 L$ for this set ladies.
Then I got these great group gifts by Hipnose. They change their group gifts frequently so they might have changed already. But the group is free to join and you get really great group gifts there!
With the top outfit I am wearing great new released boots by Aidoru. Ready for fall ladies...these Warm Knitted boots will keep you warm alll through winter! (NOT free but very affordable).

Aidoru also has released these great ballerina flats with romantic !!
I actually thought these flats would go great with the October group gift by Gizza. A lovely very elegant dress, perfect for an evening out with your loved one! I am wearing the Noor jewelry set by Lazuri with this elegant dress. Not free, but the gems, metal and all beads are color change so you can adjust te set to every outfit you have. I am also wearing the Noor set with the MALE group gift by Gizza...ok it is male, but do you hear me complain? I think it loks great on me too! The cute hair is Ramona by Tameless (not free).

The shoes I am wearing with the Gizza outfits above are the newest group gift by Baby Monkey, called Shona Polka dots. They come with a color hud to change the shoe and thus you have a fatpack with great vintage shoes !!
The next shoes are new on the lucky boards at Baby Monkey ladies.