Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy days ...

Thank you all who joined as a follower :) You  really made my day! So today I feel like celebrating and dancing around in lovely gowns. Thank goodness I found a lot of these elegant gowns in the Prettiest Informal hunt You can find a HINT & LINK page hre, which is very helpful if you get stuck! And what are you looking for? A lipstick ladies!
Inside this lipstick you will find the most stunning gowns, like this one by Carriage Trading Miniature !

Or you can look for the lipstick at SLC. If you can find it at their store you will get this very sexy gown, completely different than the one above!
SLC also has some great 60 L$ offers at the moment. They are available till Sunday so don't wait too long! You can get this great lingerie dress with jewelry for just 60 L$. Comes in many colors! Or you can get the warm duffel sheepskin coat, perfect for the upcoming winter, also for 60 L$. And also in several colors! JUST the coat ladies, the pants, top and shoes are not included.
Back to the lipsticks...How about this lovely gown? It is by Cero Style and it is their gift in the Prettiest Informal hunt. Just find that lipstick to get it!
And this grear Garden Party dress with hat is by Lilous Design. I love the sumple elegance, I would wear this any time...what a great gift. Now only to locate that lipstick...
To wear with these lovely gowns and dresses you can decide to get the lovely new skin by WoW skins. It is called Shana and it is a really shy skin. That was the word that came to mind when I was it...shy...lovely sweet, almost sweet 16... This skin is available for only 19 L$ at the BOHO Culture Fair !
And if you also want new hair: Tameless has a great new release, Cher hair. As usual you can get a one colr/4 tones pack for just 199 L$ or the fatpack for 799 L$, but only the first week after this new release! Later it will be more expensive and you don't want to miss this lovely hair. Just showing you a few colors, it is available in many more tones.

Hinako hair also has new hair, and you can get these 2 colors for just 80 L$ each at the Hinako store. The bows are color change.
Over to the Designer Circle. I still have some great goodsies from this store in my inventory. All designs at the Designer Circle are 100 L$ or less, and they are available till October 23rd. So hurry over if there is something you like!
At he Designer Circle you can get some lovely skins too, like this one by Beautycode. The skin is called Shantell and it comes with an extra cleavage option.
You can find a lot of great sweet outfits at the Designer Store girls, like this one by E-Clipse. It comes in 4 lovely colors and the dress is called Dolce Vita. You can get the green or the bronze one at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ each.
And these sweet dresses are by Essencial. I love the texture and the beautiful colors. You can get the tartan dress in blue or green, both at the Desgner Circle. The pack of 2 tartan dresses is 99 L$ and the lovely fairy dress is also 99 L$.
The lovely jewelry is a new release by Bens Beauty and it is called October set (NOT free, 220 L$).

Graffitiwear is also participating in the Designer Circle and you can get this great golden dress there for 85 L$. Graffitiwear also has some great facial tattoos (4 in a pack) for just 75 L$, available at the Designer Circle.

Over to Eyelure. I love their make up and the set of Fall Make up they have available at the Designer Circle is to die for! Hurry over ladies, you don't want to miss this one. Three lovely full make ups for fall...all 3 perfect. Or you can grab those very sexy sweats which come in 2 colors. Also available at the Designer Circle.