Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween, hair and skins

Oh my blogging task would be so easy if I could blog a Halloween skin with Halloween hair and some Halloween outfits here now...but allas, I have to blog each one seperately as you will see.
So where to start...let me think for a moment.
How about if I start with the newest WoW skin, called Chiara. It is a special edition for the Flawless Harvest Sale and you can grab this skin for just 50 L$ !
Then I got the newest group gift by Modish, a skin called Bonnie Pumpkin skin. Joining the group is free.
The next skin is by Aeva and this skin is called Jaci. It is a new release so NOT free. But the Jaci skins are beautiful and they come in several skin tones and each one comes with several cleavages options too.

Over to Dulce Secrets. They have these new Marini skins at the store in 4 skintones (yes I am showing you just 3, you are right. I had a problem with the 4th skintone, it simply didn't rez right for me...the secrets of Second life...). The skins are great (NOT free). You can also get a pack with crazy make up for just 55 L$.

No I am not done with the skins yet. You all know I looooove skins and I found these on Marketplace. They are by Envy Me and they are Halloween skins. The cute bat necklace is by Alienbear and it is free.
Another store on Marketplace that has a great Halloween skin is Mayden Couture. You can get this great skin for just 1 L$. The witches hat and the flying ghosts are included.
While I was taking pics of these great skins I got a gift from Artistry by E. I have blogged them before, the group was free to join for a few hours, but now there is an enrollment fee from 1000 L$ (yes that is a LOT). But they have plenty free gifts and 5 or 50 L$ offers for group members. Besides all that these 4 sets were send out in the group because of the BIG REZ days of 2 group members! Isn't that great? The NOOR set and the Caroline set...very beautyful :)

And if you want to get dressed now after all this nudity above: Baby Monkey has put a gift of 5 lovely Baby Tees on their front counter! Don't we all need those?
Over to some more Halloween outfits. I still have one left in my inventory from Marketplace. It is by Nada's design and it is a very sexy latex dress. The cute shoes are by PK and they are 1 L$.
And this outfit is the Halloween gift by Pekas Design. There is also a male outfit available.
The next outfits are all from the lucky boards at SN@TCH ladies. I just stood there for a while and I was very lucky and got all these great outfits. The letters change fast, so TP your friends in ..I am sure you will be just as lucky as I was!
The gifts range from cute dresses to several fatpacks with tops, pants and a belt.


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