Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Hunting and the Designer Circle 39th round.

A lot of hunts started in Second Life, most of them are Halloween hunts. Vero Modero is participating in about 6 of them and yoyu can find some lovely gifts at the VeroModero store! The first outfit is the hunt gift in the Trick or Treat hunt.

The next outfit is the hunt gift in the Trick or Treat trial hunt. HUNT HINT!: It will keep away vampires, protect you from death, but it will not help you if you have bad breath
The next gift is the hunt gift in the Bright & Tight hunt.
The next outfit is the Vero Modero hunt gift in the Happy Halloween hunt.
This great cloak outfit is the hunt gift in the Tricksters Halloween hunt.
Last hunt at VeroModero is the Undead hunt. HAPPY HUNTING at Vero Modero ladies !
Over to some more Halloween stuff. Cilan'gel Boutique has some great  Halloween gifts in the Trick or Treat trial hunt. I love the owl hat and I really have no idea what to think of the Musicbox-with-spider outfit...does it make my bum look fat?
HUNT HINT!: When you go to take the gift be polite or else she may bite you with her sting, hope you like yellow honey !!!
And this headband is the newest group gift at M*s Avon! I am glad the designer is back, you were missed !
This great red Halloween avatar is the newest release by Dirty.Little.Secret (NOT free).
And this great outfit is the Halloween Fire outfit by Viviane Fashion. You have a choice of many different shirts. (NOT free)
Enough with the Halloween outfits. I will blog some more later, but now I just want to show you some new designs from the Designer Circle. As you all know by now a lot of designers put one or more of their designs there for just 100 L$ or less! This 39th round of the Designer Circle will run till October 27th so DO NOT WAIT TOO LONG if you want one of these great designs. Let me start with the 2 great ourfits Barely Legal has put in the Designer Circle store. A fun checkered set (1 L$) and a sexy bikini, which is a free gift. The very elegant ruffled purple dress can also be found at the Designer Circle. The dress is 79 L$.

This great gold outfit has been put in the Designer Circle Store by Sugar & Cyanide.

The great hair is a dollarbie (1 L$) on Marketplace. The shop is called Rumina and the hair is called Dolo. I am wearing this beautiful MESH hair with the great gown I found as a hunt gift in the Prettiest Informal Hunt. You have to look for a lipstick and you can find a very helpful HINT & LINK page here. The dress is the hunt gift at Just Darling.
And I am also wearing this elegant Dolo hair with the gift I found in the Prettiest Informal hunt at Lurve. Just find the lipstick to get this great gown ladies. The jewelry is included.
The green gown below is the hunt gift by Jess Dream. And the great hairflower and pearl necklace are also a hunt gift in this hunt, this one is by Eversong. This lovely hairdo is by Tameless hair and it is called Ramona.