Sunday, October 21, 2012

Some hunting and some new hair

Today was a beautiful fall day in the Netherlands, with the trees all red and gold, the sun shining, no wind...actually a perfect day. I enjoyed it very much and that is the reason I started very late with my blog. Blogging is actually a lot of work. You have to find freebies or cheapies or special offers, then you have to get them, unpack them and wear them. And don't forget to take a LM because  the readers want to land close to the offers I found. When wearing the outfits I take pictures and usually I take quite a lot. Then it's a while photoshopping. And then finally I can put them on the blog, think up a title, text, and landmark each store. I am not complaining, I love blogging. I am actually addicted! But some days I would rather walk my dog in the sunshine :)

Anyway let me start with Serina Lacava Creations. They have this great 60 L$ offer: beautiful gowns called Marit. This offer is only valid TODAY (sunday) so you have to hurry if you want this Marit gown for just 60 L$! It comes in several colors.
Then I did some more hunting in the Prettiest Informal hunt. This hunt runs till October 31st and you can find the HINT & LINK page here. What you are looking for at the store is a lipstick ladies! Not too hard is it? I found that lipstick at Crush Boutique and I got this great dress in return. What a lovely hunt gift!
Then I hopped over to  Sascha's Design. Sascha has hidden this great red gown inside their lipstick in this hunt and you only have to find it to wear this beauty!
Sascha's Design also has released a beautiful new color of their Waterfall gown. This gown is very versatile, it has many skirt options and you can syle it to your liking. The new color is called Shellpink and it is an elegant very soft pink with a pearly shine. The gown is to die for! Showing you the empire skirt, however it is just one of the many ways you can wear this gown (NOT free, new release).
Back to the hunt ladies...this beautiful green gown is the hunt gift by Luzifee in this Prettiest Informal hunt. Go look for the lipstick if you want this gown :)
And this gown is the unt gift by Clarity Creations. A stunning gown, perfect for your fall parties. Maybe even for Christmas? The lipstick isn't that hard to find ladies...give it a try!

The next shape is also gifts in the Prettiest Informal Hunt. You can find this shape inside the lipstick at Noradrenaline. Showing you my shape too so you can compare. Noradrenaline also has a shape as a group gift, and joining is free.
The group gift is the one on the right. 



Another store that is participating in the Prettiest informal hunt and has a great group gift is Liv Glam. I blogged the lipstick gift before, but the group gift is not to miss either! Joining is free.
Last one from this hunt is The Mad Hattery. And what else would you get there as a hunt gift but HATS! These ones are great ladies. Go find that lipstick !!
Over to Alli & Ali Hair. They have changed their group and voting gifts, like they do every Friday. So if you like one of their new gifts, or if you like all: go get them before the next Friday or they will be gone!
Alli & Ali Hair also have a great Action wall where group members het 1 50% discount (if they wear their group tag).

Alli & Ali hair have a great Marketplace store and you can find many freebies there. These freebies are also available for a limited time, so again: don't wait too long... (the names are linked to the marketplace store).
Yuki. The tiara is attached to the hair.